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Tempo launches at-home personal training device Move, compatible with iPhone and most TVs

Tempo today introduced its latest at-home personal training solution Tempo Move. Tempo says that it’s its first “personal training solution to fit nearly every budget and space.” Tempo Move is different than Tempo’s Studio — Studio is the company’s full-blown at-home gym training — though it brings many of the features that its pricier buddy has. Tempo Move features a real-time guidance system along with custom weight recommendations and personal training plans. 

Tempo Move comprises of three main components: 3D Tempo Vision, smart weights, and the “Core”. 3D Tempo Vision monitors a user’s form and compares it to the “thousands” of training Tempo has collected. Based on the user’s form, the system delivers “personal feedback” in real time. The Core is Move’s most important part that communicates with your iPhone and “most TVs.” 

Tempo Move comes with 50 pounds of weight plates and dumbbells in an “attractive storage unit” that, Tempo says, occupies the same storage space as a “typical media console.” The user then docks their iPhone on top of the storage unit which is connected to the TV via an HDMI cable. The “Core,” or the dock on which the iPhone sits, can also be detached from the storage unit and used independently, says Tempo.

The user can then start a training session directly from the iPhone. Tempo gives users access to on-demand classes such as strength training, HIIT, yoga, and cardio. Your iPhone then keeps track of the movement and form and provides feedback just like a “personal trainer” would do. Tempo calls its Move “most experienced personal trainer” that provides users with more than 100,000 hours of combined training.” 

One thing to note here is that Tempo Move relies on the TrueDepth Camera system of your iPhone, so it drops the support for iPhone X and the 2020 iPhone SE. It means that Tempo Move is compatible with all the iPhone XS models and above, including the new iPhone 13 series. Tempo says that with a future update, Tempo will improve the Move’s tracking on iPhone 12 and 13 Pro models which will use the iPhone’s LiDAR camera sensor in place of the TrueDepth Camera sensor.

“We’re at an inflection point now that iPhone models are able to run sophisticated AI locally and have precise depth-sensing technology,” said Josh Augustin, Tempo CTO, and co-founder. “Experiences that used to require expensive hardware can now be built on devices many of us already own,” he added.

The company’s CEO believes that the fitness industry is “broken.” He says that people believe that they are only “one piece of equipment away” from fitness. He says that the thing they’re missing is a “personal trainer” who will “guide them, teach them, and keep them on track.” With the use of AI and new technologies like Apple’s TrueDepth Camera, Tempo aims to solve this problem starting with its at-home solution.

Tempo Move has been priced at $395 in the United States. Customers will have to purchase a $39/month subscription along with the at-home gym training kit in order to avail its full services.  It is available to purchase from the company’s website and Best Buy stores today and will ship in “early” December 2021. 

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