The Gunk Release Date Officially Revealed, Coming To Xbox Game Pass Day One

If you’re excited to see if you gel with The Gunk, you won’t have to wait much longer now as Image & Form Games have revealed its release date: December 16. 

The team behind the SteamWorld franchise first announced its upcoming exploration game, The Gunk, during the Xbox Games Showcase back in 2020. Image & Form Games went quiet with The Gunk for about a year before it stepped back into the spotlight (and out of the gunk) during the Xbox Gamescom 2021 stream held in August. There, it was revealed that the Xbox-exclusive title would be released this December. 

Now, we know it’s releasing December 16 thanks to a new blog post from the team. 

“We’re so excited to finally reveal the release date of The Gunk, our highly anticipated Xbox exclusive from the creators of the SteamWorld franchise,” the post reads. “Get stuck into The Gunk on December 16 – for anyone subscribed to Game Pass, it’s launching day and date on the service.” 

As noted above, The Gunk will be available on launch day for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. When players jump into it, they’ll experience what the Image & Form Games team describes as a “third-person action adventure game about a duo of gritty space haulers, Rani and Becks, struggling to make a buck as they chance upon a mysterious planet laden with a wealth of natural resources.” It’s on that planet that they discover what’s known as the gunk, which is damaging the planet – however, said gunk is worth a lot of money and the duo must determine what’s more important to them.  

While waiting for The Gunk to be released next month, read about this other Image & Form Games title, SteamWorld Headhunter, which was just announced during the Thuderful Games showcase. 

Are you excited for The Gunk? Let us know in the comments below!

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