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The Housing Market “Signals” That Predict Where We’re Headed in 2023

The housing market shoots up different signals every so often. For most investors, though, these fly under the radar. But for data-driven housing market experts like Mike Simonsen, these signals are hard not to notice. If you want to know where prices will go next, when inventory could spike, and whether or not demand will start to fall (or rise), you MUST know what these signals are and how to find them. Today, we’ll let you in on the not-so-secret way to predict housing market moves so you can invest better than the rest.

Altos Research’s Mike Simonsen didn’t start as a housing market enthusiast. He was in Silicon Valley, working with data, just trying to buy his first overpriced house. But, through getting his foot in the door of real estate, he uncovered that no one had the data he needed to make better investments. So, he started Altos Research to finally give real estate investors, realtors, and everyday homebuyers the tools to make their best buying decisions.

Over the past seventeen years, Mike has been analyzing, segmenting, and qualifying housing market data for some of the most prominent investors in America. And now, he’s here today to share his time-tested secrets with you. No matter your skill level, you’ll be able to pinpoint the housing market signals Mike showcases so you uncover where the market is moving before the masses. Whether you’re an investor, homebuyer, realtor, or renter, this data will help you build wealth better than ever.

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In This Episode We Cover

  • The housing market “signals” that can predict home prices, demand, and more
  • Where to find FREE housing market data that’ll help you make the BEST investment decisions
  • “Segmenting” your market and why you’re probably looking at homes all wrong
  • The biggest housing market surprise of 2023 and why the unexpected happened
  • What could cause homebuyer demand to DROP (and whether it’s possible this year)
  • Housing inventory and why SO many homebuyers are hanging on to their houses
  • How Mike single-handedly saved the US economy from imploding
  • And So Much More!

Links from the Show

Links from the Show

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