The Secret to Sydney Sweeney’s Skin Is This Cult Brand

I feel you. I have very dry, sensitive skin.

Yeah, it’s so crazy. It’s dry and then oily and then cystic.

Cystic acne is so hard to deal with. 

I know. Then I pick it, and that’s just a whole other thing. I’m so grateful I don’t have scars because my mom’s like, “You’re going to get them.”

Oh, I’m the same way. People say not to, and I know you’re not supposed to.

You’re not supposed to, but I can’t help it! It’s so hard. 

It’s not one of those things you can help. What is your favorite Laneige product, and why do you like it?

Ooh, I have two I can’t decide between. So I love the Water Bank Cream Moisturizer just because my skin always wakes up nourished. I put it on morning and night, and it’s amazing to have a cream moisturizer that you can use morning and night. And then the Lip Sleeping Mask.

Oh, of course.

Yeah [laughs]. It’s iconic. 

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