This High-Powered Generator Is Not Only Fast, But It’s Also Portable

Anyone who has endured extended power loss as the result of a storm knows just how inconvenient and potentially dangerous it can be.

With so many of our devices dependent on power to operate, it’s easy to overlook just how disconnected our lives can become if that power or a power source was to suddenly be taken away.

With the EcoFlow DELTA Power Station, you can rest assured knowing not even the worst of storms or power interruption will disrupt your life. Available today at a 17% discount, you can purchase this massive power bank for $1,149.99.

The DELTA Power Station boasts X-Stream Technology, which allows it to recharge your devices at 10x the speed of most portable power stations that are on the market. It comes equipped with 6x 1,800 AC outlets, good enough to power most home appliances, and heavy-duty do-it-yourself tools under 1,800 watts. It can power up to 13 devices simultaneously.

Bring it along with you to barbeque or picnic to charge your phones or laptops. If you’re a DJ, take the studio outdoors, and hook up your speakers, MIDI keyboard, and computer to it for hours of entertainment. At just 30 pounds, toting it around isn’t much of a burden, as it weighs substantially less than a gas generator.

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The DELTA Power Station can charge power-drained devices from 0% to 80% in an hour, making giving it one of the quickest charge rates currently on the market. It can be charged via its solar panels and port (four hours) or its car port (10 hours), and it ships with a 24-month warranty.

Carry it along in your electric car for an emergency source of power should you find yourself in need of juice but outside the range of a charging station. It provides enough power to carry you seven-and-a-half miles on a single charge.

This powerhouse not only offers fast charging and multiple outlets to do so, but its lightweight profile is a game-changer when compared to gas generators. Purchase it today and say goodbye to unwanted power outages.

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