This “Super Rare” Anniversary Edition Game & Watch Unit Just Sold For A Very Low Price

Game & Watch Donkey Kong
Image: @beforemario

We’ve seen a lot of retro Nintendo products selling for some insane prices in recent times, but this one is a bit different. Despite being a “never before seen for sale” Game & Watch, it’s just sold for the “very low” price of ¥1,001,000 (around US$9100 / €8000). Quite reasonable, really.

Yep, no million-dollar sales here. So what’s all the fuss about? As explained by beforemario, this is an anniversary edition Game & Watch Donkey Kong system which was a special request by the G&W and Game Boy creator, Gunpei Yokoi, to celebrate 20 million units sold.

On the lid, you can see the name G. Yokoi along with K, Momose and T. Isada. The beforemario Twitter account also shared the following information about the names, although the role of the third individual is not entirely clear.

“The drawing of the trio Yokoi-san, Momose-san and Ishida-san was made by Kano-san (designer who had a key role in the G&W team, check Iwata Ask online about G&W). Yokoi-san, of course, was head of Nintendo R&D1 and father of G&W. Momose-san was head of the company who supplied the metal face plates for G&W to Nintendo. We do not know what Ishida-san’s role was, but assume he represents another key partner.”

Game & Watch Donkey Kong
Image: @beforemario

What do you think of this “super rare” anniversary G&W? Would you fork out more than 9k for it? Leave a comment down below.

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