This Wireless Charging Station Charges Up To 4 Gadgets At The Same Time

Modern life is full of cords — way too many cords, maybe. From phone chargers to earbuds to USB connections for your smart watch, Kindle and more, it feels like there’s always something new to charge. And no one wants to deal with the mess of tangled cords before plugging in their gadgets.

With the WonderCube charging station, you can now enjoy a tangle-free charging experience for all your devices and keep your personal space free from the jumble of lightning cables. This 5-in-1 wireless and wired charging station can keep 4 gadgets charged at the same time, including your Android or Apple smartphone, watch, AirPods, and Bluetooth earbuds. As a plus, it comes in a super sleek design and chrome finish that will look cool on your workspace or bedside table.

The 5-in-1 charging station is MagSafe compatible, which means it wirelessly charges your iPhone with its Magnetic Auto-Alignment that goes up to 10W. It’s also Qi-charging compatible for your phones and earbuds for up to 15W. If you ever run out of charging space, the Magsafe station has a port to power your device via cable.

This charging station comes with a night light function, which means that you can turn it into a bedside lamp with 3 dimmable brightness functions and touch control. For those times when you need to watch Netflix from your smartphone in bed, it also has a stand that lets you unlock your phone using Face ID at any time and allows portrait or landscape viewing options.

For a gadget that’s so compact, the 5-in-1 wireless and wired charging station is super powerful and fast. It originally goes for $79 but you can cop it now for $54.95, a 31% savings that’ll help you save all the time you normally spend detangling cables.

Prices subject to change.

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