Unlock The Secrets Of Compelling Videography With This Learning Bundle

Side hustles have caught fire over the past 18 months as employees and those seeking jobs have realized the possibilities and freedoms that accompany additional income streams. Some people have picked up side jobs in the gig economy, while others have turned to social media mediums such as YouTube or Instagram to create and promote digital content.

If you fall into the camp of the latter, The 2021 Complete Video Production Super Bundle is just what you need whether you’re just getting started on your videography journey or if you’re a seasoned videographer. And for a limited time, it can be yours for a low sale price of just $35 — more than $1,900 off its MSRP.

Ten courses are included in this package, and their content ranges from screenwriting to webcam videography to selecting the best camera for your needs. Each course is taught by seasoned screenwriter, photographer, and videographer Phil Ebner. More than 100,000 students have benefitted from Ebner’s courses.

Courses include a two-hour, 43-lesson video production boot camp that teaches Pro Shooting & Editing Techniques and How to Build an Audience. From there, boost your videography chops with courses on wedding videography and webcam videography. Want to take a break from videography? Try your hand with a screenwriter masterclass or a YouTube masterclass.

This multi-course bundle is great not only for individuals who are looking to enhance their personal videography goals but also for businesses looking to promote their brands online and digitally. No matter your goals or plans, this product provides more than enough instruction to make you proficient in videography.

More than 570 lessons spanning 44 hours are covered in this bundle.

Purchase this feature-filled bundle today for just $35 — which is 98% off its original price — and unlock the secrets and keys to become a fully proficient videographer.

Prices subject to change.

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