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Verizon is now making premium TV soundbars in collab with Bang & Olufsen

Verizon TV soundbars
Source: Verizon

In a surprising move, Verizon has announced two new soundbars in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen that feature its Stream TV. This means that customers of the new soundbars can enjoy all the features of a standalone Stream TV box and the premium audio from Bang & Olufsen using just the soundbar.

The two new soundbars announced today are the Stream TV Soundbar and the Stream TV Soundbar Pro. The soundbars come with high-end features like support for Dolby Atmos virtual surround sound, HDMI 2.1, 4K 60Hz video output support, Wi-Fi 6, and they run on top of Android TV that giving you access to thousands of apps. They feature 2GB of RAM and 16GB of onboard storage. Verizon says they’re capable of streaming 4K movies and TV shows without any hiccups.

The standard Stream TV Soundbar features two HDMI ports so you don’t need to worry about the soundbar taking an HDMI slot of your TV. You can plug in your game consoles, like PS5 or Xbox Series S|X, or any Blu-ray player into these ports to view them on your TV. The five-speaker setup includes three full-range speakers and two woofers.

Stream TV Soundbar

Stream TV Soundbar

Verizon’s Stream TV Soundbar brings premium audio of Bang & Olufsen to your home theatre setup and gives you access to Android TV at the same time. Check out the soundbar at Verizon’s online store using the link given below!

The more higher-end variant, called the Verizon Stream TV Soundbar Pro, features major upgrades and premium audio components. This speaker’s setup includes four full-range, three tweeters, and two woofers. As Android Central notes, having a wider range of speakers like this allows the TV soundbar to recreate sound “more accurately” and “provide the necessary fidelity” that gives it a good virtual sound effect. In addition to the full-range speaker setup, the Verizon Stream TV Soundbar Pro also features an extra HDMI port in comparison to the standard Stream TV Soundbar and a B&O-designed profile. This soundbar also comes with wall-hanging hardware so you can keep your setup clean.

Stream TV Soundbar Pro

Stream TV Soundbar Pro

Verizon’s Stream TV Soundbar Pro is the highest-end soundbar from Verizon that takes things a lot further with major upgrades to the audio components. Check out the soundbar at Verizon’s online store using the link given below!

The standard Stream TV Soundbar has been priced at $399, while the Pro version has been priced at $999 in the United States. But, as The Verge notes, adding the soundbars and three Verizon phone charging accessories to the cart brings down the price of the standard Stream TV soundbars down to $239.99 and the Pro’s price to $599.99. If you’re looking to buy one of these, make sure to add more products to the cart — the price of the soundbars might come down for you as well.

Via: Engadget, The Verge, Android Central

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