ViewSonic TD1655 Portable Monitor Review: Must Buy To Boost Productivity

ViewSonic TD1655 Stylus

The package includes a 15.6-inch touch display with a FHD+ resolution, an in-built kickstand, and a stylus. It can be carried in your backpack or laptop bag along with the primary device. There are ample connectivity options that make it the right productivity solution you are looking out for. Let’s take a detailed look at the review of the ViewSonic TD1655 here. 

ViewSonic TD1655: Lightweight Design

ViewSonic TD1655: Lightweight Design

The ViewSonic TD1655 portable monitor is almost on par with a 15-inch laptop. It measures 355.6 x 232.5 x 15.24 mm in dimensions and weighs under 1 kg. The monitor is lightweight and you can buy it if you can carry the additional gadget in your bag. Its chassis is made of plastics and the foldable kickstand is made of metal. It is an excellent addition as not all portable monitors include one. The kickstand of the ViewSonic TD1655 gives it a 45-degree range of motion, which lets you set the display at any preferred angle as you use it.

The interesting aspect is the inclusion of the soft, folding cover that protects the display while it is not in use. The cover has a magnetic edge that snaps onto the metal stand at the back. Also, there is a five-way joystick at the right bottom edge of its rear panel. This little joystick also doubles as the power button and helps in navigating through the on-screen settings menu. Furthermore, the menu on the screen is intuitive and can be mastered in no time. You can adjust the settings to suit your preferences quickly.

ViewSonic TD1655 Ports

Moving on to the right edge of the ViewSonic TD1655 monitor, you can see a slew of ports including two USB Type-C ports, a headphone jack and a mini HDMI port. These ports let you connect the monitor to input sources such as smartphones, laptops and gaming consoles.

I used the device with my Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, OnePlus 7, and HP laptop. However, it failed to work with two of my other smartphones and it constantly displayed that it could not find the input source. Moreover, the USB Type-C ports support up to 60W power and also charge the device connected to it.

At the rear, there are stereo speakers but I used the paired soundbar (via Bluetooth) on my smartphone for the sound output. The headphone jack is also a considerable addition.

ViewSonic TD1655: Display And Performance

ViewSonic TD1655: Display And Performance

The front of the ViewSonic TD1655 monitor is dominated by the 15.6-inch FHD+ display. It is relatively bigger than the 13-inch laptop screens and can be useful while using multiple apps or windows simultaneously. The aspect ratio of 16:9 is a typical one for any modern screen. ViewSonic has used an IPS LCD and it boasts wide viewing angles of 178 degrees.

During the review, the display was bright enough even when viewed at extreme angles. As per the company, the screen can deliver a maximum brightness of 250 nits and a contrast ratio of 1,000:1. Though it is not on par with the brightness of the laptop I used, it could have been a bit brighter.

ViewSonic TD1655 Performance

When it comes to the performance of the display, it does not display accurate colors and it was not easy to spot the differences between blue and purples when holding the portable monitor alongside my laptop or PS4 Pro. If you are a creative professional working with photography, videography, or web designing, then you might not feel satisfied with it. However, if you work on spreadsheets or documents predominantly, then the color accuracy should not be an issue.

ViewSonic TD1655: Should You Buy?

ViewSonic TD1655: Should You Buy?

Undoubtedly, expanding the screen space will improve productivity. With a second display, you can definitely boost your productivity. While monitors have been around for quite some time. The monitor is light and thin, it can easily fit in your bag and you can get a flexible kickstand and a large display with wide viewing angles. Also, I like the small joystick at the rear that makes navigation a breeze.

Given that the ViewSonic TD1655 monitor priced at Rs. 23,999 is a good offering for those who want to extend their workstation real estate for multitasking and increased levels of productivity.

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