Wellness Enthusiast To Open The Jenesis House, Arizona’s First Black-Owned Resort

Wellness enthusiast Jenesis Laforcarde is opening Arizona’s first Black woman-owned wellness resort and spa, The Jenesis House. 

Laforcarde was inspired to establish the luxury 13-room destination resort after beginning her wellness journey as a consumer. She was introduced to holistic healing at a local shop. Then, she attended various retreats, which she considered “life-changing,” the Grio reported

On her journey, the creative director took note of the lack of representation in Arizona’s wellness space. 

“I just think there is nothing like this where you can be in this type of environment that’s created by a Black woman,” Laforcarde told theGrio. “I looked into the hospitality world, and less than one percent of Black women own hotels, and so that was really like the light bulb.”

Laforcarde is infusing her Afro-Asian background into the healing culture at The Jenesis House. Her grandmother, who’s Chinese, migrated to Jamaica. In comparison, her grandfather is Trinidadian with a French background. 

 Raised in a military family, she has traveled to Europe and Asia. 

“I feel like a lot of resorts just take from different cultures, not really fully representing it,” Laforcarde said. “I wanted to influence a lot of my background. I was born in England. I was raised in Okinawa [Japan]. I got to be a part of a lot of different cultures. And so I’m excited to infuse that because I feel like especially African cultures [are] never represented anywhere.”

She continued, “And there’s so many healing therapies and different types of tea bags and ingredients that originated from Africa that I want to deliver to our guest. You’re not going to ever be able to experience so many cultures in one house.”

Visitors are in for a refreshing multi-cultural experience. The Jenesis House will offer deep soaking baths in the rooms, healing instructors, 24/7 access to yoga and pilates, in-room meditation, gardens close-by for farm-to-table eats, a Nordic spa, and an all-inclusive private culinary program. 

Laforcarde was intentional about providing an experience that fits all types of people because wellness means something different to each person.

“Wellness is anything. It could just be you being in a different environment by being in nature. Like, if you don’t do crystals, that’s totally fine,” she said. “But it’s so much more than just like, ‘Oh, you have to do yoga.’ Maybe yoga is not for you. Sometimes yoga is not for everybody. People don’t find peace in that. Maybe people just find peace and being alone and being in the room by yourself and just doing a solo travel retreat.”

Today’s world can be tricky to navigate, but Laforcarde believes there are ways to remain empowered.

“I know there’s a lot that we can’t control, especially today, but you can control your environment and your settings and the things that you have with you…what you’re putting into your body,” she said.

The Jenesis House will open in late 2022 or early 2023.

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