What Are You Playing This Weekend? (October 30th)

Another week down as we head into the spookiest weekend of the year and onward into November. This week Nintendo launched its Switch Online Expansion Pack to a mixed response, we got our first look at Pikmin Bloom on mobile, one rather talented mum made her daughter an awesome Samus costume for Halloween, and Mario Party Superstars launched, too.

After all that, it’s time to chill out and discuss our weekend gaming plans. A few members of the Nintendo Life team have done just that below, so feel free to give our entries a read and then join in with your own via our comment section. Enjoy!

Tom Whitehead, deputy editor

The long autumnal nights make this sadly middle-aged gamer rather weary after a day of ‘work’, so I’ve been getting back into The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles. I’m currently on case 5 (the last of the first game) and it is long, but as a chilled out bit of reading and light puzzle-solving the game is really doing the trick.

Elsewhere I plan to play Moonglow Bay this weekend, as it looks utterly charming.

Ollie Reynolds, reviewer

Hello folks! I’m unfortunately not diving into any N64 games just yet, as I’ve yet to upgrade my Online Membership. However, I’ll be doing the next best thing and playing through Super Mario 64 on the Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection. That game is like pure comfort food; just absolutely wonderful.

Elsewhere, I’m still making my way through Dying Light on the Series X, and I’ve also downloaded Dragon Ball FighterZ from Game Pass. I’d not played it until just recently, and it’s really surprised me! The visuals are incredible, and unlike most fighting games, I actually don’t suck at it. Who knew!

Gonçalo Lopes, reviewer

While I most certainly should attend to my ever-growing legendary backlog I will instead spend this weekend dabbing with Nintendo 64 NSO. Although I would much rather get a Nintendo 64 Mini for Christmas and consider it a personal insult that my very first N64 game (F-Zero X, naturally) is not present in the initial line-up, all the disappointed fan voices in the world can’t deny that Star Fox 64 is an utterly amazing game and is an absolute joy to revisit. I will of course also enjoy ruining adult friendships with the latest Mario Party Superstars.

Game of the Week is Arcade Archives Sky Kid but don’t trust me on that since It is my all-time favourite game from Namco, so I’m clearly quite biased… but where is my Sky Kid 99, Nintendo?

Jon Cartwright, video producer

Nintendo Switch Online’s Expansion Pack launched earlier this week and I’ve slowly been chipping away at Ocarina of Time. I’m about to make my way to the Water Temple, so that will be fun!

There’s a lot of valid complaints going around about the service but personally I’ve only ever played the N64 version of OoT at 50hz and it’s been a completely new experience to play at 60… somehow this 20fps game is feeling smooth. I do want those grey borders gone though, pretty please Nintendo.

I also plan on playing through Sin & Punishment again, it’s one of the best game to grace Nintendo 64 and ignoring it should be a punishable offence.

Gavin Lane, editor

I played a little Ocarina of Time on Switch last week, but I want to resist playing more until my NSO N64 controller turns up. I’ve heard great things about its authentic feel from they trusty co-workers, so I’m itching to get my hands around its prongs.

Until then, I’ll be spending some more time with Pikmin Bloom and chilling out with the sublime Tetris Effect: Connected when I get five minutes to chill the beans right down. Have a great weekend everyone!

As always, thanks for reading! Make sure to leave us a comment below with your weekend gaming plans!

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