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What to Consider When Helping a Loved One Choose an Assisted Living Facility

We all want our older relatives to be happy and healthy, and sometimes, achieving that involves making some big changes in their lives. As our relatives age, we may notice that they are struggling to do as much for themselves as they once did or are having more accidents at home. Assisted living is an ideal choice as it promotes as much independence as possible for seniors while ensuring that they have help on hand if they need it. If you and your senior relative have agreed that an assisted living facility might be the best place for them to be, then here are some of the main things to consider before choosing the right one for them.

Accommodations Type

It’s important that your relative is comfortable and happy in their new home. Because of this, the types of accommodations offered by the assisted living facility is an important factor to think about. Some assisted living facilities offer apartments, while in others it’s separate rooms with an en-suite bathroom. Some will provide small houses. In general, the larger the accommodations, the more they will cost your relative, so their budget is also worth taking into consideration when choosing the right type of accommodations too.


Where the assisted living facility is located is also going to have a big impact on your senior relative. They may be interested in moving to a place where they haven’t lived before but have always wanted to, or perhaps they know that they want to stay at assisted living in Chesterfield in the local area and be near family and friends. It’s a good idea to sit down with them and talk about location options to narrow down your choices and give them a list of potential facilities to choose from that are in their preferred range.


The services offered by the facility are also worth considering before choosing a new home for your elderly relative. Consider the main things that they are struggling with right now and what they might need some assistance with in the future. For example, if household chores have become something that they struggle with a lot, then they might prefer living somewhere with access to a daily cleaning service and laundry service.


What your loved one enjoys doing in their spare time is also worth giving some thought to when choosing the right assisted living facility for them. Many assisted living facilities will have a range of activities on offer for the residents to get involved in, so find out more about the calendar and make sure that it is suitable.


Last but not least, find out more about what is on-site and available for your loved one to use. Many assisted living facilities will have on-site shops, hairdressers, beauty salons, gyms, swimming pools, and many other facilities to make it easier for residents to get what they need without having to travel far. Consider what’s available and how your loved one will be able to get to anything that they want or need that isn’t on-site.

An assisted living facility can be an ideal choice for older people who are struggling at home. Before choosing the right one, consider these factors.

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