What to Write in Your Mother’s Day Card

Do you have trouble finding just the right Mother’s Day Card? Everyone’s relationship with their mom is unique so it’s no wonder finding the right card for Mother’s Day can be a challenge. And that’s if you shop early. If you’re running through the grocery store on Sunday morning just before you see her for brunch . . . well, that’s a whole different rodeo.

Let’s get back to that first scenario. You’re shopping in advance but none of the cards you see quite capture your own special bond with your mom. To me, it seems like traditional Mother’s Day greeting cards fall at two ends of the spectrum—flowery formalities and corny humor. But don’t most relationships fall somewhere in between?

Writing your own Mother’s Day message comes with a few advantages. When you shop the blank cards, you can focus on the image itself and find something you think your mom will really like. (Of course, if you have kids of your own or call yourself crafty, you even have the option of a handmade card!) More importantly, when you write your own Mother’s Day message, it will be authentic to your relationship and heartfelt. Moms love this stuff. Trust me, I know.


So you’re all in to the idea of writing your own card but you’re not sure where to start? No problem. Here are a few ideas to get that pen moving across the paper.

Share one favorite memory and why it’s special to you. Mom, I’ll always remember . . . because . . .

Or load her up with compliments and help her see herself as you do. Mom, the three words I’d use to describe you are . . .

Finally, you can let her know that even though you don’t see her every day, she’s in your thoughts. Mom, every time I think of you, I . . .

Add Happy Mother’s Day along with your signature and add the date if she’s the type of mom who saves all her cards. Chances are, since you’ve added a very personal message, this will be one she treasures!

Take a moment and write your own Mother’s Day card this year. Your mom will truly appreciate that you put extra care and thought into creating a message that is just for her.

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