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Why You Should Add Blue Foundation to Your Makeup Routine

Beauty trends come and go… and in the era of TikTok, we’ve seen more than a few that we’d like to forget. While we can get behind the “clean beauty” slicked-back hair and minimal makeup look, using Diet Coke as skin care? That’s gonna be a hard pass. So when we first caught wind of folks using blue foundation — yes, blue, as in a shade reminiscent of Violet Beauregard à la Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory — we almost dismissed the beauty hack outright. 

But then we saw beauty influencer Rose Siard giving a firsthand demonstration, and suddenly it seemed downright useful for any beauty lover with neutral or cool undertones. “Why do I have blue foundation? Let me show you why I have blue foundation,” she teases, before clarifying that the blue-hued “mixing pigments” can help to neutralize a too-warm foundation shade.

What is blue foundation?

You’ve probably heard of color-correcting cosmetics — like using peach concealer to mask dark circles, or green concealer or primer to cover unwanted redness from rosacea or breakouts. The key to color correction with a blue foundation comes down to your unique undertone. When buying foundation, different shades reflect differing depths of tone, but they are mixed upon ‘warm,’ ‘cool,’ and ‘neutral’ undertones. These brackets of undertones can be further broken down into yellow, peach, and golden, neutral, and pink and bluish hues, respectively. Some of us even have green undertones, which are considered unique to olive skin.

Variety is a welcome complication when you have an expert to color-match your most seamless shade, but it doesn’t make the process any easier when you’re shopping by yourself — or worse, shopping online. Finding your correct shade of foundation is a complicated enough matter, so identifying the right undertone can be endlessly tricky. Throw in the fact that skin tone naturally changes according to the season (think: paler in winter, darker in summer), and that pursuit of the perfect match becomes all the more elusive.

Say you shopped a foundation that turned out to be too warm for your cool or neutral undertone, this is where the blue foundation hack will come in handy. Just a few drops of this Halloween-ready shade can make the shade suit you. “Blue is directly opposite orange on the color wheel — which means that it neutralizes it,” says Los Angeles-based makeup artist Katrina Klein. “So, you can add blue drops to your foundation if it is too warm or orange, and you want to make it more neutral or cool-toned.”

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