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Will you change state? Check out these tips


Are you moving to another state and don’t know how to organize? Then check out some tips that will help you at this point.

When moving residence, you need to pay attention, especially with regard to the transport of belongings to the destination. When the change is interstate, care must be even greater, especially regarding the separation, packaging and protection of each piece of furniture or object.

In addition, there are some important planning precautions, such as necessary documentation in the case of road enforcement. How do you plan for your move to another state to go smoothly and unexpectedly? Here are some tips to get organized and stay calm.

1) Choosing the ideal transport format

When asking for a transport quote for your move, you can choose from two modes. In an exclusive move, the truck will take only your belongings, being ideal for those who have a large amount of items to be transported and need speed, as their move will leave the pick-up location and be delivered directly to the final destination.

In shared removals, your belongings will share space in the truck with other customers, widely used by people who do not have enough objects and furniture to fill the entire truck. In shared transport, the advantage is that you will pay less for the service, since with the use of cargo the companies are able to significantly lower the amount of transport that would be paid by each customer. It offers an excellent cost-benefit for those who will take few belongings with them and is in no hurry for the service.

A disadvantage is that this type of transport can take more than the exclusive changes, since the company first collects the belongings of each customer, and only then does the truck leave for the destination city, delivering the belongings according to the logistics route. You will be able to solve this disadvantage with a good advance planning and, thus, you will save expenses.

2) Opting for the ideal company

Before closing a contract with a company, investigate whether the services offered meet your expectations. You can also search for customer reviews to find out if the company is reputable, punctual and offers a good service. It is essential to know what the main needs you need to be met and see if the company can meet them, such as deadlines, prices, services, among others.

In the case of interstate changes, belongings are usually under the responsibility of the company for a long period of time, since the distances to be covered are greater than in a local change, obviously. So, make sure you are leaving your change in good hands.


3) Confirm all possible data

To avoid disagreements and inconvenience during collection and transportation to another state, or even unexpected expenses at the end of the service, it is essential confirm all information about the pick-up location, the final destination, as well as the items to be transported. Some companies offer the inspection service, in which a company technician goes to the location to make the budget more precisely and adequate to the needs of each client. Most of the time, it is done free of charge, depending on the company.

The quantity and type of items to be transported, the services to be hired, as well as the difficulty of removing belongings from the residence (in cases of apartments in buildings without an elevator or very small environments), if you will need to lift, the volume of packaging required according to each object, are some of the aspects that make the difference to the shipping quote. Also confirm the necessary documentation, such as invoices for household appliances for road inspection.

4) Time planning

Another important tip is to keep in mind the time that the company will take to collect the items in your current residence and deliver to the final destination. As this is an interstate shift, this planning will facilitate the organization of a schedule, so that you know when everything should be ready for the removal of belongings, as well as when you should move to the new residence to receive and accommodate the furniture and objects.

With this, you will know if arriving in the destination city you will be able to live directly in the new residence or if you will need to stay in a hotel until the arrival of your belongings. This will prevent you from reaching your new home and having to wait a long time before you can settle in properly.

If you are not going to travel driving and need your car to be transported as well, confirm that the moving company does this type of service and what is the deadline for having your vehicle at the new address. Do the same in case you have a pet that will also need to be transported.

5) Insurance for interstate changes

The further the distance to be traveled to transport a change, the greater the risk that an accident will occur. So, as a way of preventing yourself, you can ask the company to quote insurance for your belongings.

As interstate changes may come to cover roads with conditions that are not so good, in addition to climatic aspects that may disadvantage the route, such as rain, as well as several other unforeseen events, whenever possible, make insurance for your change.

Now that you know what you need to take into account for an interstate move, click here and find specialized companies for a quote.

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