With These Open-Ear Headphones, You’ll Never Be Caught Unaware

We take music with us everywhere, and it’s often in our ears as we run, walk or bike. While the songs blasting through your headphones can drive you to get the best workouts and block out the everyday noise, they also cause a lot of distraction.

Everyone’s familiar with the annoying feeling of having to take out your headphones just to be sure no one called out your name or to make sure there’s no car coming behind you when you’re out. But with the Directional Audio headphones from Allegro, you can now immerse yourself in the music while you stay aware of what’s going on around you.

Thanks to its open-ear design, these headphones don’t go right into your ear, letting you hear your surroundings when you’re on the go. It’s one of the lightest pair of directional audio headphones you’ll find, weighing in at just 18g to give you maximum comfort while you enjoy the music. With the built-in microphone and a 160mAh battery, you can also make or take crystal clear calls for up to 5 hours with zero interruptions.

Allegro’s Directional Audio headphones are waterproof and suitable for those grueling workout sessions where you have to put in your sweaty best. For an additional touch, they were designed to personalize your listening experience with 3D audio, and you can access an on-demand voice service library for hands-free control of the headphones. And all these features are topped off with its sleek, black polycarbonate and titanium finish.

If you’re a user who’s looking for quality sound, coupled with something that makes you aware of your surroundings while walking, running or biking, then the open-ear, directional headphones from Allegro may be great for you. You can get a pair in our semi-annual sale for a 15% discount at $50.96 (reg. $59.95) when you use the code ANNUAL15.

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