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Why you should be using a foam roller post-exercise

With increased knowledge of fitness equipment and how they can benefit you, over the last few years, foam rollers have…

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Drinking Water Benefits – How Much Water Should You Drink Per Day?

A Guide to Drinking Water – Benefits and Drawbacks Water is the most important thing in the world. Over the…

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Raw Sprouts: Benefits and Potential Risks

Eating Green: Everything You Need to Know About Sprouts Everyone is asked to finish their greens. It is something that…

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5 Easy to Make Kratom Tea Recipes That You Must Try

There are various ways to consume kratom. However, making tea from it is still the most popular way to take…

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Suppleness & Meditation – Beyond the Mat Benefits

Suppleness is a powerful state that brings pliability and flexibility. It is a strong state to preserve mentally, spiritually, and…

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What lifestyle factors contribute to your longevity

Key to a long and healthy life The average life expectancy around the world has been constantly growing over the…

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Mind-Body-Soul: Health, Diet, Exercise And Well Being

Maintaining the Well-being Trinity; Mind, Body, and Soul The importance of maintaining your health is something we all realize. However,…

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The Art of Staying Calm in Any Situation

Your Manual to Staying Calm The ability of managing your emotions and staying calm and collective is very underrated. Not…

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All About COVID 19 or Novel Corona Virus

All You Need to Know About Coronavirus Covid-19 or the novel coronavirus has taken the world by storm. The first…

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All About Atelophobia- Causes, Symptoms, and the right Solutions

Get to know more about how to tackle the fear of imperfection, Atelophobia You might have experienced a few moments…

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