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10 Home Decor Magazines


10 Best Magazines for Home Decor

Everyone wants to follow the latest decoration ideas, especially for their interior design. While some people do not have the time, others struggle with ideas that could light up their living room or tweak a corner of their dining room. The ideal way to address these issues is by subscribing to a home decor magazine. For your convenience we have listed some of the best magazines that excel in home decor ideas, you can choose the one that suits you best. Read below all about – 10 Home Decor Magazines.

Best Home Decor Magazines:


  • Architectural Digest:

The Architectural Digest is published every month and the focus is on covering the beautiful homes and spaces of celebrities and other ‘rich and famous’ people of the world. it covers topics like interior design along with celebrity style travel, these designs are created by some of the best professional designers in the world. You can get a wide range of professional ideas at low costs. If your interest is in creating a space similar to your favorite celebrity’s humble abode, then Architectural Digest is for you!

Best Home Decor Magazines
Everyone wants to follow the latest decoration ideas, especially for their interior design.
  • Elle Decor:

Elle is one of the most famous lifestyle and design-related magazines in the world. It comes as no surprise that Elle Decor ranks so highly on our list for the best home decor magazines. This is for the bold interior designers, forcing you to stretch your imagination so that you can use different kinds of colors and patterns to enhance the look of your rooms. It comes with state-of-the-art tips and decorative ideas from experts and celebrities. It is a semi-monthly publication and mainly focuses on modern spaces with a hint of French influence.

  • House Beautiful:

If you like to go with proven and reliable style guides then, House Beautiful is your best and safest bet. Being one of the oldest print resources for interior decoration, it is published every month and has a classic as well as an up-to-date guide for decor ideas in working kitchens, bathrooms, and, even bedrooms. If you are downsizing or even upsizing you will find a host of tips to create the look that you have dreamt of. Along with tips and suggestions, House Beautiful also offers resources for products.

  • Country Living:

Country Living as the name suggests focuses mainly on providing ideas for country-feel interior along with a bit of modern and up-to-date design, naturally. This magazine will be your go-to place for comfortable furniture, cozy fireplaces, historic colors, simple window treatments, and many other types of country decor. Country Living is the complete package as it comes with tips on maintenance of your garden, traditional dining and cooking recipes, antiques, crafts, and DIY ideas.

  • Better Homes & Gardens:

Better Homes & Gardens excels in decor designs for your home, as well as, a very detailed outlook on improving your garden and backyard to your preference. It is a monthly publication that will provide practical solutions to the average homeowners. If you want even more detailed information regarding specific projects you can look into their magazines that are published seasonally. From its cover, Better Homes & Gardens looks like a very busy magazine and that is exactly what it is, it has detailed tips on everything from interior decoration to healthy cooking.

  • Veranda:

Veranda is one of the best design magazines around. It features most of the interior designs from the southern US, containing glorious pictures that cover the sumptuous decor ideas in their complete glory. The designs are mostly elegant and formal, belonging to the “other half”, however, there are many techniques that you can incorporate to your lifestyle and decor, by taking inspiration from those designs. Featuring interior design ideas, Veranda also lists the best garden-related ideas for the upkeep of your back or front yard. From livening up your living room to choosing the perfect paint color you will find every solution possible, thanks to the help of some of the world’s leading artists.

  • Real Simple:

A highly informative magazine, Real Simple, focuses on providing you simple ideas and tips regarding home decor, cooking, aspects of family life. It helps you simplify your lifestyle with smart and realistic solutions to everyday challenges. They make a list of organizing ideas that help people combine beautiful designs from products that are available in everyone’s home. A must-have magazine if you want to keep up the modern-day standards but also do not want to break the bank.

  • Interior Design:

Interior Design is a complete magazine that offers a detailed look into interior design. The only reason it ranks lower than the rest of the magazines is that it is originally meant for the professional designers, only. Interior Design provides you an insight into the latest trends, products, and styles that are ever-changing and dynamic. The only way to keep up with the trends is by subscribing to magazines of this sort.

  • Fine Homebuilding:

Fine Homebuilding magazine is perfect for people who are looking to remodel and renovate their spaces into modern designs. Fine Homebuilding offers tips and tidbits regarding the maintenance of your house as well, along with rules and ideas to use spaces effectively. It has features for ‘tools & materials’, designs, how-to, etc. You can find detailed building techniques to remodel your kitchens, bedrooms, etc.

  • Luxe Interior + Design:

Luxe Interior + Design is one of the growing names in the design industry. It focuses not only on local designs but also on the international stage. They provide you with details on designing your interior based on various themes. The idea is to use their powerful photography and captivating stories to inspire people in cultivating homes in the most beautiful way possible.

Special Mentions:

Special mentions for the likes of Lonny, which is an online magazine excelling in on-trend and in-the-moment designs. Also for Dwell, which is one of the best designing magazines around, which capture architectural marvels and the best homes in the world.

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