5 Great Games To Pair With Mac And Cheese Ice Cream


Let’s face it, Kraft Mac and Cheese ice cream became available today, and the world is forever changed. This is the ice cream flavor that always needed to happen, but when you’re chomping down on those striking, ostentatious flavors, it can be tough to pick up a controller and take on the video game scene. That’s why I’ve painstakingly assembled a list of games you can play right now that let you take your time between actions; time spent dipping into that new king of all ice cream. 

Mint chocolate chip? A distant memory. Vanilla? Unbelievably pedestrian. No, as gamers, we eat like kings – and now our true liege has arrived. I can’t wait to festoon myself with all the trappings of this legendary confectionary concoction as I enjoy some games. Now, since I won’t be able to hold a controller or do anything that requires any sort of twitch reflexes because I’ll have a glistening spoon in my hand delivering a potent cheesy, creamy innovation into my face, I’ll have to pick turn-based titles or things that give me some time to think between moves. So what’s on the menu?


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