7 Inspiring Fashion Blog Examples For 2023 (+ Key Takeaways)

Are you on the lookout for fashion blog examples to use as inspiration for your new fashion blogging venture?

We’ve rounded up a handful of fashion blogs that cover different niches in the fashion industry and have different levels of success.

Some receive millions of visits every month while others receive over 100,000.

There are plenty of blogs in this list to give you enough fashion blog ideas to work with.

We used the following tools to uncover metrics for each blog:

  • MozBar – Domain authority (DA).
  • SimilarWeb – Traffic estimations. The numbers you see below are averages from the last three months.
  • Pingdom – Load time.
  • Wappalyzer – Detecting content management systems.

The fashion blog examples in this list are arranged from highest to lowest number of visits per month.


The best fashion blog examples

  1. Who What Wear – A simple blog turned major fashion media company.
  2. The Modest Man – A popular fashion blog for men that aims to simplify men’s style.
  3. Ape to Gentleman – A men’s fashion blog with a heavy focus on male grooming.
  4. Corporette – Mid-sized fashion blog that focuses on businesswear for professional women.
  5. Extra Petite – One-woman fashion blog that also dabbles in lifestyle and travel topics.
  6. Fashion Jackson – A personal style blog following the life of southern blogger Amy Jackson.
  7. Classy Yet Trendy – A smaller fashion blog that focuses on curated capsule wardrobes.

1. Who What Wear

who what wear homepage

DA: 83 | Traffic: 7.4 million per month | Load Time: 6.29s | CMS: N/A

Who What Wear was founded as a blog in 2006 by Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr.

It’s now a full-fledged media website that receives millions of visits per month and has been featured by Inc., AdWeek, The Fast Company and Digiday.

It’s owned by Future, a publishing company that also owns Tom’s Guide, Marie Claire, TechRadar, CinemaBlend, PC Gamer, Homes & Gardens, Guitar World, and many more big names in publishing.

The site covers everything from the latest news and fashion advice to opinion pieces and trend predictions.

Its aim is to “change the way women feel about fashion and beauty by continuing to champion the idea that style is inclusive and attainable by all.”

Katherine is still CEO to this day while Hillary manages the site’s content as Chief Content Officer.


As one of the most-visited fashion websites on the web, Who What Wear publishes content to a long list of categories.

However, its menu only has a few: Trends, Outfits, Shopping Guides and Beauty.

These parent categories sum up the site’s primary focus when it comes to content perfectly.

Under Trends, you’ll find posts related to the latest fashion trends and news, remote work, upcoming seasons, and specific articles of clothing, such as handbags and denim.

The Outfits parent category covers topics related to specific styles, such as streetwear, styles from fashion shows, outfits worn by celebrities and more.

The site also publishes shopping guides for Amazon, Nordstrom, Net-A-Porter and more.

who what wear blog post

Who What Wear publishes new content to the site several times a week, sometimes multiple times a day.

Posts themselves have a healthy mixture of text and images, all of which are tastefully shot and some of which are shot as professional photoshoots.

Income streams

Like many high-profile blogs and websites, advertising plays a huge role in Who What Wear’s ability to generate revenue.

On post pages, you’ll find sticky banner and sidebar ads that take up the majority of the viewport.

who what wear ads

Some posts have ads that display throughout the body instead.

Sponsorships and affiliate marketing are also major sources of income as well, especially the latter through the site’s shopping guides for various stores.

Social media activity

Who What Wear’s performance on social media is much different from its website performance.

They’re active on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram but receive the majority of their engagements from the latter platform.

who what wear instagram post

Even then, they receive a few hundred to a few thousand likes per post despite having 3.9 million followers on Instagram.

2. The Modest Man

the modest man homepage

DA: 57 | Traffic: 849,000 per month | Load Time: 1.00s | CMS: WordPress

The Modest Man was founded by Brock McGoff in 2013 after a young Brock struggled to find his own fashion sense as a smaller man wanting to acquire confidence by putting more thought into his wardrobe.

It’s now one of the best fashion blogs for men’s fashion and has been featured by Esquire, Fortune, The Huffington Post, Men’s Health and WWD.

Best of all, Brock now works alongside a team that includes such titles as Director of Operations, Senior Editor, Web Producer and several contributors.


The Modest Man publishes content about men’s lifestyle and fashion-related content.

Categories include Clothing & Style, Outfit Ideas, Fitness, Product Reviews, Dating & Confidence, and Grooming.

New posts are published every couple of days by multiple contributors.

And while Brock doesn’t publish every post himself these days, he does appear in photos in almost every blog post.

Speaking of, the blog publishes long-form content and a lot of list posts.

Blog posts feature large, portrait-sized images of Brock and his team modeling and using any products they mention.

the modest man blog post

It’s a subtle touch that helps the blog give off a professional impression, and it lets the reader establish a more meaningful connection with Brock and his team.

Income streams

The Modest Man uses ads in multiple locations on blog post pages.

This includes sticky ads in the sidebar and the bottom of the viewport. There are also ads throughout the content section of each blog post.

Amazon affiliate links are also an important income stream for the blog.

They attach an Amazon link, or at least some type of affiliate link, to almost every product they mention on the site.

Lastly, the blog offers advertising deals for relevant brands.

Social media activity

The Modest Man is active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Instagram and YouTube are the blog’s most successful social media channels.

While they only have 54,000 followers on Instagram, they receive thousands of likes per post consistently.

These are better averages than Who What Wear’s numbers, who have over 3 million followers.

The Modest Man has over 430,000 subscribers on YouTube, where they receive tens of thousands of views per video.

the modest man youtube channel

Their most popular videos have hundreds of thousands of views as well as a few with over 1 million.

3. Ape to Gentleman

ape to gentleman homepage

DA: 50 | Traffic: 780,000 per month | Load Time: 524ms | CMS: WordPress

Ape to Gentleman is a men’s fashion and lifestyle blog that launched in 2009 by male grooming expert Chris Beastall, who now acts as chief editor for the site.

The blog operates as more of an online magazine these days with multiple team members running it under such titles as style experts, writers (with experience in writing about style and male grooming), horology (watch) experts and a brand consultant.

The blog uses this team of writers and industry experts to publish well-informed content on all things related to men’s style and grooming.


Ape to Gentleman’s primary topics are depicted by the five parent categories it publishes content to: Style, Grooming, Hair, Lifestyle and Watches.

They also have smaller categories called Fashion Trends, Buying Guides, Food & Drink, and Cars.

These categories are a great representation of the types of topics the blog publishes on a regular basis.

ape to gentleman blog post

When it comes to the types of content Ape to Gentleman publishes, you can expect to find a lot of list posts and style guides.

The blog publishes short to medium-form posts. Some feature as much text as they do images while others are light on text.

Income streams

Ape to Gentleman accepts sponsored posts, and they also utilize affiliate links for products they recommend throughout their website.

They also launch banner advertising campaign ads from time to time, which are handled in-house by Ape to Gentleman themselves.

They’re even open to brand collaborations.

ape to gentleman shop page

The website also has a Shop page, which is used as a hub for the best products the blog has recommended.

It hosts affiliate links for these products.

Social media activity

Ape to Gentleman is active on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and unfortunately, the blog does not receive many engagements from any platform.

They have over 13,000 followers on Twitter, 16,000 on Facebook and 39,000 on Instagram.

ape to gentleman instagram feed

Each post on Twitter and Facebook receives a few likes each, and like counts are hidden on Instagram.

4. Corporette

corporette homepage

DA: 57 | Traffic: 377,000 per month | Load Time: 1s | CMS: WordPress

Corporette was founded by Kat Griffin in 2008. The fashion blog was a side project for Kat, who worked as a litigator for a law firm full time.

She wrote anonymously throughout the first two years of the blog’s existence and was inspired to launch it in the first place after noticing a common trend: young professional women had a lot of money to spend but little time to spend it with.

That, and professional women from around the world all seem to share the same fashion sense.

She launched the blog in 2008, started writing under her own name in 2010 and is still working on the site to this day (alongside a team of writers), covering all sorts of topics related to corporate fashion for women.

It’s been featured by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Glamour, Forbes, CNN, The Huffington Post, Allure and more.


The blog publishes new content several times a day, covering topics on workplace fashion trends, guides for corporate styles, product spotlights and more.

It uses a cluttered category system, though, so it’s hard to spot a pattern in the types of topics it covers on a regular basis.

However, you can clearly see that the blog takes inspiration from the newspaper and magazine publishing industry by publishing “columns” under category names like “Weekend Open Thread,” “Coffee Break” and “The Personal Shopper.”

This sets it apart from other blogs.

corporette blog post

One thing to note is that although the blog’s daily posts are quite short (500 words or less), its top posts are written in longer formats and use a lot of images.

Posts are published by Kat and other writers.

Income streams

Corporette uses multiple sticky and floating ads on blog post pages, including one that sticks to the bottom of the viewport and another in the sidebar.

The blog also allows brands to purchase ad space in the form of sponsored posts, appearances in the blog’s newsletter and hosting giveaways through the blog’s audience.

The site also uses several affiliate links on almost every page and blog post of the site and even has product and shop hubs that feature even more links.

Social media activity

corporette instagram account

Corporette is active on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram and receive the majority of their engagements on Instagram, though it’s usually only a small handful of likes per post with the occasional viral (a few hundred likes) post.

5. Extra Petite

extra petite homepage

DA: 60 | Traffic: 370,000 per month | Load Time: 1.58s | CMS: WordPress

Extra Petite is a one-woman (and sometimes husband) blog ran by fashion blogger Jean Wang, who originally started the blog as a way to share her experience as an under-five-foot-tall and thin corporate woman trying to find a wardrobe that made her look as professional as the other women in her field (as a CFA charter holder), hence the name “Extra Petite.”

Today, Jean covers all sorts of topics related to fashion and lifestyle, and her husband Nick contributes as a photographer.

It’s a great hub for travel and fashion lovers.


Extra Petite publishes new content a few times a month on topics related to fashion, lifestyle, motherhood and travel.

In fact, these are her primary categories.

For fashion, Jean mostly covers outfits by season and occasion, but she also shares fashion ideas for specific styles and trends.

However, it should be noted that the four posts featured in her “Reader Favorites” section are related to motherhood and hair care, not fashion.

This is a sign that you may want to branch out and cover other topics if you plan on starting your own fashion blog.

extra petite blog post

Most of her posts are short and are padded by large images, which are either mirror selfies taken on an iPhone or professional photos taken on a Canon 6D with a 50mm f/1.4 or 85mm f/1.2 lens.

Income streams

Jean monetizes Extra Petite in the usual ways, starting with on-page ads.

There are sticky ads in the sidebar and at the bottom of the viewport as well as fixed ads throughout the body of each blog post.

Jean also uses affiliate links, especially on a page called “Petite-Friendly Brands,” which is a collection of brands (and affiliate links for those brands) that have clothing in petite sizes.

Jean also accepts advertising deals with brands.

Social media activity

Extra Petite is active on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

extra petite instagram post

Jean has a YouTube channel called “EP Style,” but she hasn’t uploaded a video in years despite having 98,000 subscribers and tens of thousands of views per video.

One video has 2.7 million views, and there are about a dozen with hundreds of thousands of views.

Those are pretty remarkable numbers for a YouTube channel with less than 30 videos.

On Instagram, Jean has 849,000 followers and receives thousands of likes per post.

6. Fashion Jackson

fashion jackson homepage

DA: 51 | Traffic: 164,000 per month | Load Time: 1.34s | CMS: WordPress

Fashion Jackson is a small yet prominent fashion blog by Amy Jackson of the Nashville and Dallas areas.

It’s a personal style blog that also covers other lifestyle-related topics.

One cool thing to note about Amy’s website is the black-white-and-beige color scheme featured prominently throughout it.

Even many of Amy’s outfits use this color scheme, which are depicted in images that contribute to the overall design of the Fashion Jackson website.


Fashion Jackson publishes new content regularly to a variety of parent and child categories, including parent categories Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and Travel.

Under Fashion, she publishes outfit ideas, fashion inspiration and style guides.

She also has “columns” called “What I Wore This Week,” “Fall Capsule,” “Spring Capsule” and “Summer Capsule.”

Her homepage even has a carousel called “The Dailies” in which she posts selfies of the outfit she wore on each respective day.

Her Style Guide section has featured categories for sneakers, black leather jackets and dresses.

fashion jackson blog post

Most of the blog’s posts are incredibly light on text. Most feature large images (mirror selfies taken on a smartphone or professionally-shot photos) of Amy in each outfit idea she suggests or style she’s reviewing plus a couple of short descriptive paragraphs.

Some don’t have text at all.

This isn’t recommended for new fashion bloggers as a content-light site will likely be ignored by search engines.

Income streams

Affiliate marketing is Fashion Jackson’s sole income stream.

Amy uses affiliate links in blog posts as well as a Shop page that hosts images of products she recommends and affiliate links for almost every product.

Social media activity

Amy is active on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

fashion jackson instagram post

She has 849,000 followers on Instagram. Like counts are disabled on most posts, but posts that have them enabled have a few thousand likes.

Posts on Facebook have a few hundred likes each.

7. Classy Yet Trendy

classy yet trendy homepage

DA: 54 | Traffic: 161,000 per month | Load Time: 1.29s | CMS: WordPress

Classy Yet Trendy is a small fashion blog that aims to show its readers how to build their very own capsule wardrobe, that is, a collection of clothing filled with interchangeable items that all go together.

Leanne started the blog in 2014 after she completed her very own capsule wardrobe.

She expanded the blog into a full-blown website when she published a winter capsule wardrobe ebook the following year.

Now, she maintains the blog while publishing seasonal capsule wardrobe guides every year.


Classy Yet Trendy publishes new posts a few times a month.

Parent categories include Capsule Wardrobe, Core Closet Essentials, Try-On Session Reviews, Travel & Mini Capsules, Kids & Teen Capsule Wardrobe, and Maternity.

This pretty much covers the blog’s core topics.

The majority of blog posts cover capsule wardrobe ideas, product reviews and style guides.

classy yet trendy blog post

Classy Yet Trendy publishes short-form posts that are light on text but heavy on images as Leanne mainly focuses on showcasing the styles she suggests.

Income streams

Ebooks are an important part of Classy Yet Trendy’s revenue stream and have been from the start.

Leanne publishes new capsule wardrobe style guides regularly, charging anywhere from $21.99 to $34.99.

classy yet trendy ebook

She also has ads enabled on blog post pages. They display at the bottom of the viewport as you scroll, and there are some fixed in the bodies of blog posts.

The site also uses affiliate links, especially on hub pages: Leanne’s Closet, Amazon Storefront (on Amazon) and Discount Codes.

Leanne also accepts sponsored posts and free products for reviews.

Social media activity

Classy Yet Trendy is active on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

She receives a few dozen likes per post on Facebook, but most of her engagements come from Instagram.

classy yet trendy instagram post

She has 132,000 followers on Instagram and receives a few hundred likes per post.

Final thoughts

The fashion blog examples in this list differ in the individual fashion niches they target as well as the audiences they cater to.

Even so, we can still point out plenty of trends you can use as guidelines for your own website.

The first is page speed. If you look at the page speed metrics in this post, you’ll notice that load time doesn’t seem to have a major effect on a fashion blog’s ability to bring in traffic.

It may certainly impact how well that traffic converts, but it’s not going to hinder your success overall.

The second is monetization. Most fashion blogs seem to utilize ads, affiliate links and sponsored posts.

In fact, one of the best fashion blog ideas is the concept of a “Shop” page that’s home to fashion pieces and other products you recommend.

The third is the types of content you create as well as how you create that content.

The fashion blog examples in this list cover outfit ideas and style guides above all other types of content.

They also feature more images than text and use images to showcase outfits as a way to inspire their fellow fashion enthusiasts.

Lastly, social media does not seem to have a huge effect on a fashion blog’s ability to do well.

So, if your blog is currently a creative outlet and nothing more, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to publish to various social media platforms several times a day.

At the same time, most fashion blogs seem to get most of their social media engagements from Instagram.

If you’re going to dabble in social media marketing, focus on Instagram.

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