Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson Graduates From High School


Lauryn also praised her sister, writing on Instagram, “To say im proud would be an understatement. To be there a witness this next chapter I’m amazed. Amazed at how much you’ve grown, how beautiful your soul is, & most importantly how far youve come against all odds. To hear your name be called & to watch you walk im honored truly. I cant wait to see what this next chapter in your life holds. Please always know im your biggest fan & always & forever gonna be screaming the loudest for you. I love you lana.”

In the days preceding the ceremony, Alana’s high school shared on its Facebook page profiles of several of its upcoming graduates, including the reality star. In hers, in response to the question, “What’s one thing you wish you could tell your freshman self?” the teen answered, “Don’t play around! Get to work! You got too many people counting on your and too much money to make!”

Alana also shared her favorite high school memory. “Running through the halls trying not to get caught skipping and hanging out with all my friends,” she wrote. “I’m gonna miss high school a little bit.”

In her profile, Alana also revealed her future plans. “I’m looking forward to…continuing my studies at GMC [Georgia Military College] for right now, but in August going to Regis University to major in neonatal nursing.”

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