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Everything that is to learn about ICC Cricket World Cup

The ultimate cricket showdown takes place every four years and is a tournament that is awaited by fans all around the world. First held in 1975, the ICC Cricket World Cup has come a long way. It is one of the most-watched and most popular sports events to this date.

The first cricket world cup was hosted by England, and its 12th edition in 2019 was also held in cities across England and Wales. It started with having 8 teams in the tournament with many debutant teams coming in and in the latest world cup, there were a total of 10 teams.

Apart from the regular contenders, the International Cricket Council has also tried to bring in associate teams that are yet to be given an international status. Teams such as Scotland, Ireland, and Canada have featured in the previous editions and have played their part in making the game more exciting and beautiful to watch.

Making of the Cricket World Cup Schedule

Each edition has its type of schedule. The calendar is designed depending on the venue details, the conditions and the preferences of the teams participating in the cup.

The Cricket World Cup usually takes place during the summertime which is considered the best season to play cricket. Players prefer to play when the sun is out to neutralize each side’s strengths and weaknesses.

If we consider the latest edition that took place in England, the experts made sure that the matches were scheduled in early summer. This was done to avoid rain during matches that lead to the abandonment of most of the matches. Each team got a point from the result or the Duckworth-Lewis system came into play as per the umpires’ preferences.

Cricket World Cup Finals

If you have been following the tournament closely, you may have noticed that each of the cup’s final has been a standout. In the previous editions of the cup, England has been knocking the door to secure a much-deserved place in the finals.

In the recent cup, it finally happened and the cricketing world got to see one of the most thrilling matches ever recorded in the history of the competition. With its expertise and experience in the Cricket World Cup, the English side eventually came out as champions after a nail-biting encounter with New Zealand.

Apart from the recent cup final, the previous cup finals have also been a treat to watch. It is safe to say, the final never disappoints and is always worth the wait.

The Cricket World Cup 2019

In 2019, the format used was the same as 1992; the round-robin format. In this, each team played against all the other teams, which wasn’t the case in the previous editions. One of them was India which made it to the top of the cricket world cup point table. Other than India, the remaining international sides competing against each other were Australia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, England, Pakistan, New Zealand, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and West Indies.

India and Australia made it to the top two in the cricket world cup standings, both winning 7 matches. But surprisingly so, they didn’t make it to the finals. It was England in the end that clinched the title, keeping its reputation of being the #1 One Day International side in the world.

Understanding the Cricket World Cup Points Table

The points table isn’t that hard to understand. The main challenge here is the calculation of the net run rate. Each team is awarded two points if they win and a single point if the draw a particular match. If for instance, two teams are tied on points, the other factor to decide the advancement of a particular team is through its net run rate.

The net run rate is calculated by determining the difference between a team’s runs per over average against its oppositions and the runs per over average conceded from the opposition teams. The formula might seem a bit confusing but in reality, it is quite simple to understand and implement.

The International Cricket Council tries to make the world cup better in each of its editions. It has already assured the fans that the next tournament will be bigger and much more exciting.

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