Avidus Gives You Access to Expert-Managed Portfolios


Thanks to teams of financial experts with savvy investment strategies, the ultra wealthy keep getting richer.

But what about the rest of us? The average person can’t afford to put their money into exclusive hedge funds or private investment funds — the kind that typically require you to have at least $1 million in assets.

But thanks to an app called Avidus, you don’t have to be ultra wealthy to get expert investing help. Avidus combines sophisticated financial software with the expertise of investment managers and analysts who have managed capital for the ultra wealthy for decades.

How to Grow Your Money Like the Wealthy

While access to the Avidus app isn’t exclusive, their portfolio of investments certainly is. They’re constantly monitoring the top publicly traded companies in the U.S., but they only invest in a few dozen of the most promising companies.

Avidus isn’t like hedge funds or other companies who are looking to make a quick buck. So often, these companies put short-term profits above all else — including what’s best for you, the investor.

Avidus, on the other hand, thinks long-term, seeking to grow your (and their) wealth over time. They invest alongside you in companies they find remarkable at a fair price that they believe will grow your investment at the highest long-term rate.

This investment philosophy and expertise will help you avoid common mistakes like letting your emotions or short-term conditions drive your investment decisions.

Investing is a long game, and Avidus has the investment managers to keep that philosophy front and center.

How to Get Started

Even investors who have been investing for years know that going it alone will only get you so far. To enjoy substantial gains in the market, you need an experienced investment manager and analysts whose sole job is to grow your money.

People have already entrusted more than a quarter of a billion dollars to Avidus’ investment team to manage and compound. And you can easily join in if you’re a U.S. citizen who’s at least 18.

Just download the Avidus app from the Apple AppStore and link a bank account to get started.


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