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Black Widow is now available in theaters and not only does it explore Natasha Romanoff’s origins and offer fans a fresh look at her past, but it also sets the stage for what the future of the MCU looks like. How does Taskmasker stack up against how we know that character in the comics, where does Yelena go from here, when are we getting a Brady Bunch-esque spinoff of Alexis and the rest of the family? These are the real questions and questions we dive into with Game Informer’s latest episode of Spoiled! 

The latest Marvel movie has been long in the making, and though it did see some delays, it is finally here! Black Widow has been a character that fans have been clamoring to see in a standalone film. Now that it has arrived, we are digging deep to see if it delivers. From exploring her past pre-Red Room to seeing exactly how far the corruption of this organization goes, Black Widow deals in heavy themes such as trauma, abuse, and loss of free will. But, it’s not all stern storylines and life or death situations; The Black Widow movie has more than enough moments of levity and also explores a relationship between two sisters that feels organic and natural. It also gave us a chance to see Natasha find her long-awaited redemption and shows off the power of family, whether they are blood or not. 

Join Ben Reeves, Marcus Stewart, and Liana Ruppert as they dive deep into the latest Marvel flick. We discuss what we loved about the movie, what we didn’t like, how it stood the test of expectations, and where we think the MCU will go next. And our undying love for Yelena, Natasha’s younger sister, who truly stole the film in our humble opinion. 

You can also check out our Spoiled on our YouTube channel as well, in addition to a plethora of other video choices there for your amusement. So sit back, crack open a cold water (because it’s hot and Black Widow would want you to be hydrated), and come share with us your thoughts on how the Black Widow movie fits into the bigger picture of the MCU. 


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