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When it comes to food, canines are not typically picky. They don’t even mind sorting through the garbage! So, it should be no surprise if your pup shows interest in eating any food that you prepare for yourself in the kitchen.

For instance, they might want to snag a slice of your salami. So, is it okay to feed salami to a dog? While eating a piece of salami shouldn’t be hazardous, there are good reasons to avoid giving this food to your dog and to opt for other snacks instead.


Why Salami Isn’t Ideal for Dogs

Salami is a type of cured meat that contains a variety of seasonings, plenty of salt, and is typically high in fat. While it may provide some protein for your dog, that healthy benefit is far outweighed by the risks. High fat diets provide excess calories that can contribute to weight gain and obesity, which in turn may lead to diabetes and joint issues.

High amounts of salt can lead to dehydration and even salt toxicity in high enough levels. Salami may also contain seasonings and spices that are actually toxic to dogs. Onions and garlic, if consumed in high enough amounts, are toxic and lead to issues such as:

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Anemia
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What if Your Dog Eats Salami?

If your dog snags a small piece of salami, there is usually no need to panic. One slice occasionally is not likely to cause any serious issues. It’s when a dog eats salami slices regularly or devours a whole package at once that you might have reason for concern. Contact your veterinarian if your dog happens to eat more than a few slices of salami, especially if they are showing signs of vomiting, diarrhea, not eating, or stomach pain.

If you’ve already been giving your dog salami on a regular basis, consider other healthier snack options such as lean, cooked meats, commercial dog treats, or safe vegetables.

The Type of Salami Doesn’t Matter

Salami comes in various forms and types, but they all have about the same nutritional values. Some have less sodium and fat than others, depending on how they are made, but they all have more than enough of each to make this food less than ideal for dogs. Whether it’s a salami stick, turkey salami, cotto salami, dry salami, or hard salami, it should be treated the same way when it comes to feeding it to your dog.

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Is Any Amount of Salami Okay for Dogs to Eat?

Most dogs will be fine if they happen to grab a small slice of salami. Others may experience mild digestive upset after eating it, and still others may develop serious issues if they happen to get too much. To be on the safe side, don’t give your dog salami as a treat. Choose a healthier option instead.

What If a Dog Eats a Whole Pack of Salami?

It is a good idea to contact your veterinarian and let them know about the situation. They may make recommendations to help ease signs like gastrointestinal distress. If health problems develop, a visit to the vet might be necessary.

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What Are Alternatives to Salami?

There are no perfect replacements for salami, as this food is rich, salty, and fatty, and dogs shouldn’t have foods that are high in salt and fat. The best thing to do is choose a healthier snack all together. Lean, cooked beef or chicken are decent snack options to consider instead.


A Quick Recap

Foods like salami can be very enticing for dogs, however, salami is not a good choice to feed them. If they happen to eat a slice here and there, they will likely be fine, just don’t make it part of their regular meal or treat selection.

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