Celebs Swear By This $50 Body Gloss for Look-at-Me Limbs


When celebs hit the red carpet, their glowing complexions are one of the first things we notice, which is why we’re constantly asking makeup artists to spill their favorite foundation formulas and skin-prep secrets. However, makeup artists almost never stop at an A-lister’s face. They’re in charge of making their limbs look flawless too. That’s why their shoulders, collarbones, arms, and legs always look as if they’ve been airbrushed. Obviously, we want in on all the red carpet info, and that includes the under-the-radar body products that pro makeup artists trust. So when we found out about the $50 product that celebs like Alix Earle, Victoria Monét, and Issa Rae swear by, we let out an actual shriek of excitement.

The product in question was developed by one of the best pro makeup artists in the industry—Patrick Ta—so it’s no wonder these celebs love it. Dying to know more? We get it. Keep scrolling to see and shop for the exact product in question.