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Weighing less than 6 pounds, a Chihuahua fits easily in the arms of his family. But don’t be fooled: He’s small only in stature, not personality. Chihuahuas are feisty, loyal, opinionated and (let’s just call it what it is!) rather full of themselves. Perhaps their pride today comes from their esteemed heritage. The Chihuahua’s predecessors, after all, were considered sacred.


Where did the Chihuahua come from

Although the stories of the breed’s beginning are cloudy, historians generally agree that the Chihuahua originated in what is now Mexico, possibly descended from ancient Techichi dogs. Renowned for serving sacred purposes and offering friendship, Chihuahuas were popular with the Aztecs; Montezuma II apparently had hundreds. Early Chihuahuas were venerated, sacrificed, mummified and buried with their owners. One of their supposed duties was to help deceased owners cross safely into the world of the dead. And while Aztecs may have held early Chihuahuas in esteem, they also may have eaten some. Eek!

How to train a Chihuahua

two chihuahuas in purse
The Chihuahua’s small size makes him an easy travel companion, but that doesn’t mean he should be carried around all day. ©Chris Stein/Getty Images

These days, most Chihuahuas retain their ancestral lofty air and tend to believe they’re the star of the family. Although a Toy breed, the Chihuahua has a terrier-esque personality: He’s self-assured, self-governing, spirited and sometimes reckless. He often reserves his affection for one special person. Most Chihuahuas certainly won’t run up bouncing and slobbering kisses on strangers.