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This No Bake Creamy Cherry Pretzel Dessert will be your new favorite! This easy no bake recipe is perfect for anyone who loves the salty/sweet combo with a pretzel crust, and sweet, creamy cherry filling!

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Serving No Bake Cherry Pretzel Dessert

This Pretzel Dessert Is An Easy No Bake Recipe!

This recipe is a spin on a classic my mom used to make when I was little, and one that I have made tons of times because my kids love it: Strawberry Jello Pretzel Dessert. The thing is, I hate making jello and that recipe, while easy and nostalgic is kind of a pain to make with all the steps: chilling, making jello, slicing fruit, etc etc… Any dessert that has me doing steps and chilling in between more than once is one that I try to avoid. So I decided to adapt that recipe and make it even easier! Lucky for all of us, I succeeded…and this version might just be better than the classic!

Creamy Cherry Pretzel Dessert Sounds Crazy But It’s Delish!

I know the idea of a “PretzelDessert” sounds crazy, but I’m here to tell you that it’s delicious. What you will get is a buttery, salty/sweet pretzel crust, topped with a whipped almost cheesecake-like layer, then sweet cherry filling, and finally more mousse-y cheesecake. And of course more pretzels for some crunch!

Pretzel Dessert layered in a 3 quart dish topped with broken pretzel pieces


The full measurements for this recipe are listed int he recipe card at the bottom of the post.

  • Salted pretzels. Use the mini twists! You will crush some for the crust and them break some into pieces for the topping!
  • Granulated sugar. You will mix this in with the pretzels for the crust to really amp up the salty/sweet combination!
  • Melted Butter. This will mix right into the crushed pretzel mixture to form your crust.
  • Cream cheese. This is for the filling, but make sure it’s room temperature so you don’t get lumps!
  • Powdered sugar. This will lightly sweeten the filling. You can even omit this if you would like.
  • Thawed whipped topping, like Cool Whip. You can use real whipped cream if you prefer!
  • Cherry pie filling. You can use your favorite brand. I like to use Lucky Leaf Organic Cherry Pie Filling. I just prefer the taste to other brands!


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