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Crosby Studios looks to “signature red” of David Lynch for Silencio NYC


New York-based Crosby Studios has utilised gold accents and rich-red fabrics and lights informed by director David Lynch for the interiors of Silencio nightclub in Manhattan.

Silencio NYC is located between Times Square and Hell’s Kitchen and is the second location for the club, whose Paris flagship was designed by Lynch.

Crosby Studios founder Harry Nuriev wanted to respect Lynch’s original design while fusing the “essence of French flair into the character of New York City,” according to the studio.

Nightclub interior with red carpet covering the walls and floor
Red carpet covers the walls and floor of Silencio NYC, while red lighting outlines the spaces

Evoking the same mystery and allure as Silencio’s first Paris location, Nuriev created sumptuous interiors that are saturated with Lynch’s signature hue.

“Being the next designer for Silencio, Harry wanted to have a dialogue with the director through the movies he grew up on,” said Crosby Studios.

“The signature red colour of [David Lynch] was heavily used to capture the true essence of modern-day New York. Harry wanted to create a space that felt sexy and as if you were in a movie.”

Raised private room lined in gold
Raised private rooms are lined in gold and can be concealed by drawing red velvet curtains

The newly opened space is situated near the former location of iconic nightclub Studio 54, which also informed the design of New York’s Silencio.

Expected to face a strict door policy, those who make it over the threshold will experience a series of spaces where the walls and floor are covered in plush red carpet.

Thin strips of glowing red lighting follow the outlines of the rooms, framing doorways and openings to a variety of small lounge spaces.

VIP area is located behind a minimal DJ booth
Another VIP area is located behind the minimal DJ booth

These raised private areas are lined entirely in golden metal panels and surfaces including curvy built-in seating.

“In New York, as in Paris, Silencio tunes into the ambient air,” said the club’s team. “Its agenda celebrates the moments that make the city pulse; the club becomes a nighttime landmark.”

“Inside, you will find Silencio’s signature universe – minimal and contemporary – expertly reimagined by the aesthete Harry Nuriev,” the team added.

Red velvet curtains can be drawn across to conceal those desiring privacy, but when open, the gold nooks reflect the cinematic red lighting elsewhere. The same gold was used for the dance floor.

In the main room, mirrored walls create the illusion of more space and upholstered benches allow guests to rest their feet if needed.

A larger niche is positioned behind the minimal DJ booth, offering an area for VIPs to party during music performances from local and international talents.

Interior with red lighting, walls and flooring
The cinematic interiors by Crosby Studios are intended to evoke the spirit of legendary NYC nightclub Studio 54

Silencio also recently opened a beach house in Ibiza, and a second Paris outpost in Saint-Germain-des-Prés on the Left Bank of the Seine.

Its original address is on Rue Montmartre in the second arrondissement of Paris and was opened in 2011 by Arnaud Frisch and Antoine Caton.

Silencio offers a membership program for those wishing to enjoy all of its locations, and gain access to cultural offerings and events that include concerts, performances, talks, screenings, exhibitions, dinners, private tours and more.

Close up of DJ boot with VIP area behind
Silencio NYC is expected to host local and international DJs as part of its varied programming

“Resolutely multidisciplinary, Silencio fosters free movement of ideas and the birth of new projects,” the club said. “Its curious and eclectic programming generates a unique energy in confidential venues.”

Nuriev has risen to prominence through collaborations with brands like Nike and Balenciaga and has previously designed hospitality spaces such as a Moscow restaurant where gleaming sheets of pink corrugated metal contrast with rough plaster walls.

The designer also added his “signature boldness” to his own NYC apartment, which features tiled walls, purple carpeting and leathery cabinets.

The photography is by Pauline Shapiro.


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