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Chuhai Labs’ Cursed to Golf is making a showing at PAX West this weekend, and we had the chance to head out to the course for a few holes of digital roguelike driving, putting, rocket-balling! The title is headed to Switch and PC next year, and combines turn-based golfing with roguelike elements as you traverse 18 dungeons worth of hazards, traps, and big plays. With some assistance from the mysterious but jovial Scotsman, you must beat the Groundskeeper and bust your way out of Golf Purgatory. On the plus side, you have adorable little ghost animations since you’re dead-ish.

‘Of course, you can always augment your assortment of skills by hitting up the golf shop and selecting some consumable tricks to help you out, like a multiball, extra shots, rocket-controlled shots, time stops, and more! In this episode of New Gameplay Today, we walk you through a few of the basic courses and obstacles you encounter. Is the Switch the new destination for golf-based games that tap into other genres? It sure looks like it! Golf roguelikes, golf rpgs, golf mysteries… Who wants to be the first to make a golf MMORPG? It’s right there for the taking!

On each hole, it’s all about calculating the right club to use, the right power to hit, and the right angle are just the beginning as you start to combine your special abilities to really zip through courses. Trick shots and big plays can keep you alive, banking off special statues that give you extra turns, blowing up dynamite shortcuts, and cleverly angling to get to secret little nooks along each route.

Anyway, Cursed to Golf has a ton of undeniable charm and flavor, and this little taste of it is definitely encouraging. Hopefully, the game rocks and ends up going to other platforms after launch!

Are you into turn-based golf games? Does Cursed to Golf look like something you might enjoy? Let us know in the comments!


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