Death Stranding Director’s Cut’s New Trailer Sets A Release Date


Today’s PlayStation State of Play provided a look at the changes coming to Death Stranding Director’s Cut as well as a release date of September 24. The new trailer didn’t tease like the one at the Summer Game Fest kickoff, and instead got right to the point showing off gameplay enhancements and additions all while leaning into some classic Kojima quirkiness.  

Showing the game running at a buttery-smooth 60fps, this new look at Death Stranding’s enhancements for PlayStation 5 calls this version “the definitive edition.” Kojima Productions is adding a little more action with new advanced combat mechanics. This includes a flashy melee maneuvers like high knee strikes, cross-body dives and drop kicks. Sam’s weapon variety is also growing. He was shown stunning enemies from afar with a new electricity spewing Maser Gun and mowing down foes with an armored mounted machine gun. There’s even a new firing range to practice with the slate of new and existing weaponry.

Being a Porter, Sam not only needs weapons for protection, but also effective ways to complete his deliveries over vast swaths of America. Luckily, the Director’s Cut has him covered there as well. Joining the tools this one-man delivery service uses are some new robotics, one of which is a support skeleton to allow for carrying larder loads. Buddy Bot on the other hand is a new robot friend consisting of a pair of cybernetic legs with a platform at the waist; perfect for stacking up cargo or letting Sam ride on himself. Also joining the delivery arsenal is a massive cargo cannon which can turn deliveries into huge projectiles for speedy delivery.

Next were shots of a big new ramp to place in the world allowing for sweet motorcycle jumps over vast canyons and chasms, and a surprising racecourse called the Fragile Circuit where Sam can race against in vehicles against other player’s ghosts. Even with all the strange goings on within Death Stranding, this was one of the weirder, yet surprising and fun additions shown.

Finally, we got a look at various areas and the promise of new story missions. Death Stranding Director’s Cut is right around the corner and is available for pre-order on PS5 right this second.

Are the changes to Death Stranding, a game our own Blake Hester says is one of the best games of the generation, going to pull you in for the first time? How about if you’re a lapsed Porter? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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