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Difference Between A Business Coach vs Performance Coach


I do not work as a traditional business coach. However, the work I do with C-suite and entrepreneurs is better because it goes deeper. No, not psychologically deeper but beyond the soft and hard scape at the level of the self. If you want to be the ultimate high-level performer, you need to dig a little deeper to understand the difference between Business coach vs Performance coach.

Traditional business coach

A business coach will assist and guide the C-suite and business owner in running a business by helping them clarify the vision of their business and how it fits in, with their goals. Business coaching is a process used to take a business from where it is now to where the business C-suite and owner wants it to be.

Business coaches develop actionable plans and track goals by creating performance metrics that make the journey to reaching them, very transparent. The coach is there to keep track and measure progress. With this transparency, it makes the person that is in charge of reaching the goals very accountable.

Performance Coach

In my work with clients part of being great at anything is goal setting. Sure, your goals can include metrics outcomes of all kinds but even more important are the process goals you set to reach your desired outcomes. What is your roadmap? That may include metrics, but it will also include some qualitative development.

Accountability can also be helpful but when I work with C-suite or entrepreneurs, I help them figure out a realistic, specific plan that includes them keeling themselves accountable. Outside people can be unreliable. For example, when your business coach leaves you or retires. Then what? You start over with someone else? Why not figure out how to be accountable to YOU.

What else do I do? I work with some of my business clients on communication and leading people. I work with others on how to make sense of their time and schedule but there is an even deeper level. This deeper level is critically important.

At a deeper level

In my work with high-level performers all of the above is applied. We work on all of them but those are not the only critical elements leading you to success at leading your company. There is another level.

Growing and improving in your role is not just about your business acumen. Being a high-level business leader requires the ability to develop your mental skills. This includes your relationship skills with yourself and with others.

What do I mean by mental skills? The ability to be resilient. Developing the confidence to lead. Having the motivation to do what needs to get done. Knowing how to stay focused and what to focus on.

It is all about the relationship

Because I do not work as a traditional business coach the biggest question I get is what can I do for you? Now you can see what I can help with. Usually it is above and beyond what most C-suite and entrepreneurs were thinking but that which makes all the difference.

Besides being absolutely confident, in my abilities to help you develop yourself as a well-rounded professional, I’ve been a C-suite myself! I understand your pain points and I know how to help you develop the skills you need, to move from where you are, to where you want to be.

Above and beyond everything I’ve said, the most important thing is the relationship. I always suggest that you talk to several people before making your decision. I can help you develop the skills you need, but do I resonate with you?


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