Dogs with a Brindle Coat Pattern – Dogster


Across all the different dog breeds, there are several different coat textures that come in a variety of hair types, lengths, colors and patterns. A brindle dog coat is a very distinctive “tiger stripe” of darker streaks over a lighter base coat color running along a dog’s back. Brindle is a coat pattern and not a dog breed; there is no brindle dog breed.

Why do some dogs have brindle coats?

Just like other features on a dog, a brindle dog coat is a matter of genetics. A dog inherits half his genes from his mother and half from his father, and this makes up the dog’s unique genetic data, including the resulting coat color and pattern.

Only eight genes make up a dog’s coat color. One of these, known as the agouti gene, must be present to produce a brindle coat pattern.