EMFs, Quantum Healing Technology, and Inner Power With Leela Q


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Katie: Hi, and welcome to the “Wellness Mama Podcast.” I’m Katie from and, that’s wellness with the E on the end. And this episode is all about quantum technology and I will admit this is a field I definitely do not fully understand and I’m still very much excited to learn about. I’m here with Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling, which I hope I pronounced correctly, who is a coach and entrepreneur and the founder of a company called Leela Q, which I hope I’m also not butchering. And in this episode, we go into the primal healing frequency that is effective and beneficial to all humans, and understanding quantum energy a little bit and how this affects us at a cellular level. It’s a pretty complex topic. But he goes into kind of the roots of understanding how the body is able to heal itself and how we unlearn that as time goes by, and how he’s been able to make some really surprising changes in a lot of people using some of this technology including some pretty drastic HRV changes. We talk about dark field microscopy and what that means, and how that can change from quantum fields, we go into EMFs, the measurable results of meditation, and so much more. We definitely jump around a lot and it’s a pretty complex topic. I learned quite a bit from this and I will put some extra resources in the show notes at for any of you who want to keep learning on this but without further ado, let’s jump into a pretty complex topic. Philipp, welcome. Thanks for being here.

Philipp: Thanks so much for having me.

Katie: I’m excited because this is a topic I have not really talked about much on the podcast, but it’s one that I have been researching quite a bit personally lately and still don’t know a lot about. So, I’m excited to learn quite a bit from you today. I wanna start broad, and then there’s probably at least 10 different directions I wanna go during the interview. But I guess to start big, can you kind of give us a broad overview about this idea of quantum healing technology and quantum energy in general and what we’re talking about?

Philipp: Yes, absolutely. So, I’ll start with a really broader picture because that’s the way I see it, it’s that it’s the time for that right now because there’s always a time, and if there’s not a time for something, it’s just not gonna happen. And we live in a time right now that is very difficult on one end, but it’s full of amazing opportunities and developments on the other hand. And part of that is really that consciousness in a way really comes into humanity in a much more sensible way, in a way where a lot more people are hit with it in a way and we’re all unlocking that. So, that technology and consciousness start to almost merge. And the things that are possible with thoughts and with consciousness can be connected with a technology that is possible today. And I’m not at all talking about some AI stuff or something because that is something I actually don’t have any expertise in. It’s something I don’t really like and follow. And that’s maybe also something that can be misused. What I’m talking about is really healing possibilities.

And from our perspective, we can’t talk too much about healing because that word is somewhat reserved for the pharma industry, so we just let them have that, which is great. But what does healing really mean? It means to become whole and to be whole. And that’s, in essence, what we all are, is just on our journey, we sort of have forgotten that. And we have managed to actually come up with devices, we call it technology, but it’s not, like, computer or anything. It actually works completely without any brute force. No electricity, no magnetic force. It’s really just energy, pure quantum energy. And with that, a lot of things are possible. And I think it’s because it’s the time right now, that’s why we were able to come up with that and now a lot of other things are possible with that. And what’s possible with it, we can certainly dive more into.

Katie: Yeah, I would definitely love to springboard into some of what’s possible, but I think also, it’s helpful to understand… You could, I’m sure, explain this much better than I could. But when we’re talking about energy, for my understanding on a cellular level, if you could dial into, like, the smallest amount of any living thing, any cell, any anything, at its base, you’re going to literally just find energy. So, like, what we all think of as physical matter, at its core, is actually just vibrational energy, which I may be butchering the description of, but can you kind of explain what you mean by that, like, a quantum energy? Because we’re talking about incredibly small, very tiny vibrations, right?

Philipp: Absolutely. Yeah, that’s what we are in essence. We’re energy and frequency way more than we’re matter. And we just have unlearned that we are all that and now we think we’re all just what we can touch. And yeah. In every cell, there’s a quantum field, in every cell of an animal, as well as of a human. And that’s just the core energy that we need in order to live, right? We need air, we need water, but we need that energy. If we didn’t have that energy and we just had water and air, we couldn’t exist. So, the energy is sort of the source, the battery that keeps us going. And in today’s world, obviously, it’s being made very hard for us to expand that energy and to have a lot of that and to even feel it, right, because there’s just, you know, bad food, bad air, a lot of things that are challenges to our body and our system that makes it hard for that. So, it’s almost as if that part of us is being reduced more and more. And when did you always do something to counter that?

Now with what we’ve come up with is that we can provide an additional source where you can tap in and basically charge your batteries, your own batteries. And it’s nothing like artificial or something. It is the pure quantum energy and it resonates completely with the inside of the cells just because it’s the very same energy. And that’s the fun part about it, actually, because, you know, think of it that, you know, you would only have bad water. For hundreds of years, you just have bad water. And suddenly, there’s the real grade water again available, same with air. And suddenly, you can take that in, again, what that does to the body. Same now with that type of energy. If you’re able to now leverage that and make it available to your own system, then you get a huge boost and you can do, suddenly, so much more.

And certainly, we don’t need external help, necessarily, because there are ways with our own consciousness that we can access these things. But the reality is that, way over 99% of the people have completely forgotten how to do that. And that’s where we come up with these tools in order to bridge that gap. But not only to just, you know, help, like, in the short term that you would always need this, no, but also to relearn to access this inner power, if you will. That’s very important for us because that’s really what we want to help with, that people become self-sustainable and remember who they are and remember how to access their inner powers. And that makes my day if there are people in our Telegram group, for example, that are like, “Wow. Okay. And now I was able to access so much more of my inner power and, you know, I just got a step further.” And, yeah, that’s what we’re trying to help with.

Katie: So much to unpack there. You mentioned the term resonance. And so my limited understanding of that is more in the musical sense of the idea of if you play, for instance, middle C, all the other C notes on the piano will vibrate to a slightly smaller degree, or if you play a violin in the presence of another violin, the same string will resonate because it’s the same frequency. So, is that kind of a corollary to what we’re talking about here that, like, when we introduce the body to these frequencies that are healing and good, that the body then, like, learns to vibrate and resonate on that frequency again?

Philipp: Yes, sort of, because…and we’re actually working with a lot of frequencies too, because that’s really what it is. For example, there’s a very specific healing frequency, we call it the primary human healing frequency. It sounds very woo-woo, but it’s basically that very essential frequency that is there when the body is created. And it basically contains all the necessary information in that frequency and how to heal ourselves because the body is absolutely able to heal itself. And just over time, we unlearn that and we forget that, and then we start to, you know, take in lots of other stuff and all of that.

But if you were to introduce that frequency again and that signal, then we remember that and we’re like, “Okay. I remember that and I can start to leverage that again.” And that’s pretty much what you said, you’re introducing these frequencies and, oh, and then we can start to do something with that again. That’s pretty much how that works when we work with frequencies because we pack them with quantum energy in order to actually give them a boost so that the whole system and the biophysiological system can leverage that. Just a pure quantum energy, that is really the energy that you find in the cells already and it’s just almost, like, oh, you know, I can take in more and it instantly just resonates with the cells and helps the cells to become stronger and just get more energy on a different level than if you were to just drink some water or breathe air.

Katie: And I’m super curious. Okay. So, you mentioned this is without a power source or without any kind of magnetism. So, can you walk us through the technological side of how this is created because this is such a fascinating thing, but I feel like I have trouble understanding exactly how it works.

Philipp: Yep. So, we cannot share how we actually create it because that’s a proprietary process that we actually do with Roman Hafner who is a very famous healer from Europe. We have actually shown this and demonstrated this to just one person just a few months ago in Austria, he leads an institute for testing and research of biofeedback, biosystem analysis. So, we showed it there. But in essence, what happens after that, all of that we can share. So, I only have the larger device today that I can show that that’s the actual technology here. It’s called the infinity block. We also have one that just has one plate on the top, one plate on the bottom, which we call the quantum block. And the way it works is that within here, there’s a concentrated quantum energy space, which sounds very woo-woo, but it’s… And actually, there’s scientific gaps still in how you can measure the density of this field in here because science needs to play catch up with this quite frankly. But what you can measure is actually the impact on organisms, for example, or on environment or on water or on any groceries that you were to put in here, for example.

And that’s what we had said. Okay. We know that seers, you know, people that heal with energy or that can see energy, they look at this and they instantly know what it does, right? And some of these people have tears in their eyes, frankly, when they feel this energy. But then most of the people, frankly, don’t have, really, that ability because we’ve lost that connection. We look at it and we’re like, “Okay. So, where’s the proof.” And that’s why we focus very early on on the scientific studies to actually also show what it actually can do. So, one of the things we’ve done is, you know, look at heart rate variability changes, for example. In 100% of the cases, there were improvements to the heart rate variability with this technology. Dark-field microscopy is another great tool, actually, to visualize what happens physically with the cells and with the blood. So, just putting your hands for five minutes into this has significant changes to the blood per the analyses that a doctor’s office has performed as an example. So, we can measure what it does. And so you have this inside here. And it’s so concentrated that you can do multiple things with it, right? So, it’s actually quite heavy. So, I’ll try and do hold it here.

But the few key things that it does inside here is you could put the supplement in here, for example, and a card or some other object at the same time, and then the frequency of the supplement would copy into this other object in only seconds. And then afterwards, you would have that object that is actually charged with quantum energy because you also charge objects here with quantum energy when you put them inside. And then you could just take that object, let’s say it’s a card like this, and that is charged with a specific frequency and you can leverage it like that. So, then we’re talking about frequency medicine, right? And you could be your own homeopath in a way. So, that’s really one of the things you can do. But you can just have this sit at home. And what it also does is it harmonizes all of the frequencies in your home. And that includes EMF as an example. And then we’ve also done multiple tests and studies actually with that because the outside field of this one is actually very, very large. It has a very large radius, so it covers your whole house and weigh more actually. And within that radius, it neutralizes and harmonizes all electromagnetic fields so that basically your whole family and animals you have in your homes and even plants suddenly live in an environment that is energetically harmonious and positive.

Yeah. So, those are some of the things you do. And then… I mean, people use it for all kinds of other stuff, right? I don’t wanna say what we suggest people use it for because… But we know that people, they use it to treat Lyme, they use it to… If they have knee pain, they put their knee inside and all of these things. We have a fast-growing Telegram group, and I’m gonna put this away now because it’s quite heavy, of users that experiment with this and share and learn of what’s all possible because, frankly, we know a lot, but there’s still each day something new that we find out because it’s still cutting edge.

Katie: And I would imagine people maybe have a hard time wrapping their head around this because I’ve encountered more of this idea when I studied in Switzerland briefly, for instance, and I feel like the medical field in Europe is a lot more open and understanding of some of these ideas than we are currently in the U.S. But you brought up EMFs, and I think that’s actually a good illustrative example because I hear from a lot of people who discount the effect EMFs could potentially have on our health because it’s hard to see, it’s a little bit hard to measure still, and there seems to be especially in the U.S. this idea of, like, “Well, if I can’t see it or feel it, then it probably isn’t true.” And so I would guess that you see this also with the quantum stuff that you guys are doing. But you mentioned an EMF connection. So, I would assume if… We have these quantum devices that have these very small frequencies or vibrational frequencies that can have such a dramatic impact, that would also speak to the potential of things like EMFs do have a very big impact on the human body as well. And I don’t feel like there’s a ton of well-understood information about this yet. So, can you kind of walk us through the EMF side? Because I know there seems to be also a protective component with this for EMFs as well.

Philipp: Yes. And by the way, I’ve been told in the past that I should tell people when I’m in a podcast that I used to be a vice president at T-Mobile international and for the U.S. at some point in my previous life, if you will. And so I do understand EMF and electronics, mobile phones from that side quite well. And I do understand that now since several years, actually, very well from the other side. And I don’t want… I’m not in the camp of just saying it’s all bad and terrible because, certainly, you know, these technologies have their use cases and also their benefits, but certainly their downsides. And the downsides really are that EMF has a negative impact on the body and energetic system for most people. Definitely not on 100% of the people because it seems to have…that’s also what we found out in our study. The more connected and healthy you are and connected with your own inner source, the less troublesome EMF is, actually up to the point that any of the healers that we work with that are in our healing network, none of them is bothered by EMF. It’s just, you know, they could literally, like, sit on the bottom of a cell phone tower and not be impacted by it.

But then, again, it’s a matter of consciousness and how aware are you about your own abilities to neutralize those energies around you, right? And if you don’t have that view and you’ve forgotten how to do that, then you need tools because it really impacts you. So, the heart rate variability is impacted. And I mean, there’s tons of studies and thousands of studies, actually, about the physiological impact of EMF. You can find them really on Google a lot, but there are some sources or those can be looked up. And then it’s great if you can use tools to actually mitigate that. And that’s something where, you know, blocking EMF can be helpful for some very sensitive people. But in a way, you don’t wanna block EMF completely because then you couldn’t use your Wi-Fi and your cell phone at home. So, what our technology does is it actually transforms and harmonizes it so that you can still use all your cell phone devices, your Wi-Fi router and everything. But you don’t get a negative impact on your body nor on your energetic system. And that’s kind of key about that.

And so the way we’ve actually had it tested as we gave our products to third-party institutes, one is actually called IGEF. I don’t know how many people in the U.S. know that, but it’s the largest European research and testing institute for everything EMF. And so they’ve done the heart rate variability study and they also looked at our other products and certified them actually. So, we got the five stars trying to test one of our products because we knew it worked, but we wanted to have something that we can also show to people that, you know, they looked at that, they tested that and this is pretty much how it works. And the study, actually, of the heart rate variability works. Also people through, actually, a little bit in the how this works. And then there’s another institute in Austria that tests with the DecaVol method. Actually, it’s an advanced DecaVol method and it tests the biophysiological state of a human or an animal for that matter. It doesn’t really matter who they test.

And when you sit in an electric car, for example, and then they give you a cell phone and then an iPad in your hands, then you’re pretty much blasted with EMF. And so they tested before and then they tested, “Okay. What happens when you then go in this car and you get these additional cell phone devices, etc.? And then what happened?” And in each and every case they tested is that all the measurements went straight down and almost to complete deregulation actually, quite impactful. And then they would give these people our devices, and then they would measure again. And in 100% of the cases, all the measurements were at optimal levels afterwards. So, those are, you know, some things we’ve tested. And we’ve tested EMF really at home, at work, in the car, and, you know, really multiple levels because we wanted to really dig into that. And EMF, yeah, is impactful if you don’t do anything with it or if you don’t know how to deal with it.

Katie: What are some of those negative effects that potentially we can see from EMFs? And then as a follow-up to that, you mentioned that, like, some people can be not affected by them. So, can you go a little deeper on explaining how that works?

Philipp: Well, I wish I knew it from a scientific perspective. So, I’m not able to explain it from a scientific perspective. I think someone, you know, like Ian Mitchell would probably be able to do that. But I can tell you really just from a consciousness perspective, it really appears because all the people that are not impacted by EMF, they have a very, very strong connection with themselves or they really work in this field of energy healing, etc., and they can sense their own biological system and their own energy. And then they can also sense what’s coming at them that is troublesome in a way and they can just make it in a way that it can transform.

Now, I must say that I’ve also gone through many years of shamanic training and workshops and I’m a practitioner myself. I don’t practice that too much, but I, you know, do these things as well. So, you could consider myself an energy healer, you know, way less advanced than someone like Roman Hafner or even my wife who was born with that ability. But I can… I don’t have this issue either, really, that I’m so impacted by EMF. And I used to have it. Yeah, that’s how I can explain it. So, I can definitely tell you, if you sit down and meditate for 15 to 20 minutes after that, you’re gonna be less impacted by EMF than before the meditation. And that’s kind of… I can’t explain it in any other better way.

Katie: Certainly, the benefits of meditation have been a recurring theme on this podcast recently both from the science perspective and then, certainly, from, like, the energy healing perspective as well. So, I love that you brought that up as well. And I would guess this is an area that there are people listening who are struggling still to understand or to really believe that something like this can have an impact. And certainly, that was me for quite a long time as well. And I know you’ve talked about some of the science that’s much more understood in places like Europe and I know Austria is very, kind of leading the charge with a lot of these things. But can you give us some, like, use cases of maybe, like, some practical examples of how people might be using this quantum…you mentioned like knees, for instance, with inflammation? But what are some practical use cases you’re seeing from people who have used it? Maybe give us some concrete understanding.

Philipp: Yes. So, again, the infinity block and the quantum block that I showed, everybody uses that to just… This is the actual technology. I would just wanna mention that it’s not the technology that we just keep for ourselves. It’s something that we make available to everybody. So, it can spread in a decentralized way. We find that very important that everybody that would like to have access to it. And it cannot be manipulated nor misused for any negative purposes, by the way. I find that important to mention at least. And so everybody that has this device uses it definitely for sort of, like, an energetic feng shui at home and to transform and harmonize EMF. That is really something that everybody uses it for. I haven’t heard anybody that, you know, doesn’t use it for that. And for that, you just need to have it sit there.

And then, again, for any type of physiological issue that people have, I don’t wanna name diseases here right now too much, but people use it for that, basically, to boost their inner healing abilities and to get way, way quicker out of the situation and not being able to combat the issue that they’re facing, you know, whether that has to do with Lyme or it has to do with pain or something else. It appears that, yeah, those are big use cases. And then other… So, it’s really physiological. And they also use it for the animals, frankly, quite a bit. We have a dog ourselves. We had to travel to Costa Rica. And the dog needed to get a specific vaccine so that our dog could fly with us. And it was also a pretty bad vaccine. And vaccines, anyway, are not really good for anybody else in the animal body. And yeah. So, the first spec, she had to get two vaccines. The first she got, we almost thought she would die.

So, the first two, three hours were terrible, that the dog felt absolutely horrible. And then we were like, “Okay. Well, let’s use the infinity block.” And what you can actually do with this, also, it may sound even more woo-woo for people, but it 100% works and we’ve proven this. And other people have proven that quantum entanglement works too. But you can literally take a picture of your dog and put it inside this field and it’s almost the same as if you were to put the dog physically inside there. There’s some differences and some nuances, for sure, but it does work. And after about half an hour, the dog started to relax, started to come back into, like, a state of strength and recover from their very, very, very quickly. And then the second shot when she had to get that, we actually put the photograph inside already while she was getting the shot, and then the whole impact was already there. So, that’s something where people use a lot for for their animals, for their cats, dogs, and so on.

And then for, you know, helping with their conscious development. It sounds weird. How can I best describe it? When you meditate, when someone meditates, what do you do that for? Right? Some people do it to maybe just calm down a little bit. Okay. That’s one thing. But in the essence, what you wanna do is to just connect more with yourself, right? That’s really what you do because we’re always so distracted with all the to-dues we have and the outside world is also interesting, right? All the politics going on, this and that, all the changes in the world. And then we forget actually to connect with ourselves, and that’s really where our source of power is. That’s why we can meditate and we’re like, “Okay. I can feel myself again.” And then, you know, once I do that, I can expand this and all that. And then I can access more of my inner knowing, of my higher self, if you will, of my own consciousness. That’s pretty much how it works. Right? And I know there are a lot of other tools besides meditation that can lead to that, obviously. So, let’s say I meditate for 15 minutes and I can access this much here of my inner knowing and all that. Now I hold my hand into this block, then I cannot access this much. I can suddenly actually access that much. Right? And that’s just an analogy because it’s not necessarily this much and that much, obviously. It may go way beyond what my arms can show. But I guess you’ve got the picture. And yeah, some people use it for that as well to just, you know, help them on their inner journey a little bit. And so in that sense, it’s really something for energetic purposes, but also for physiological purposes.

Katie: And I feel like even that concept can be a tough one to grasp for people. And you mentioned a lot of people have kind of separated from that inner healing ability. You also said that the body is able to heal itself, but often we forget how. And I know that these are products you’ve designed to help people do that. But can you explain also, like, maybe a little bit more on the consciousness meditation side or just how we can come back in touch with whatever that ability is and kind of what we know and understand about it as it exists?

Philipp: Yeah. So, the products definitely help with that. So, that’s just one thing. It helps on multiple levels. They help just by being there and that you are able to feel that energy, but then people also start to test things, right? They start to put a glass of water inside for, you know, 20, 30 seconds, and then they have the same water, you know, let’s say, a Fiji water here that they didn’t put inside, and then they do the tasting tests. And they do that with maybe raspberries too and all that. And all of that fine-tunes your senses again, right, because we lost this ability really to train that because we all have that ability, right? It’s not… So, it’s not just some amazing healers out there that are just the only ones that have these abilities. No. Everybody does. And it’s all just to come back to that and train that.

So, that’s one thing you can do. I mean, it’s just some simple things. I mean, it’s hard if you just totally don’t believe something like this exists and you’re completely putting that off. But if you’re having a reaction like that, then, you know, maybe there’s a pain in between, right? So, what is it that has cut you off so much from yourself that you don’t even want to try to figure out where the really you is? And, yeah. But if you have this little flame that you sense and you know that there’s more than just the material world, right, and all the games we play here in this world. There’s a lot more. And the most important thing is that. And then if you can feel that, then just find a way to connect more with it. For everybody, it’s different, right? So, I can’t say that everybody now needs to meditate for 15 minutes every morning. For some people, that’s great. For other people, they may need to do it in a different way. Maybe they need to do yoga or just lay in the bed in the morning when you wake up for a few minutes, and before you fall asleep, also for a few minutes without a phone, without doing something else, just maybe just feeling yourself.

There’s just some easy things and things that can be done in a quick way that help us to feel ourselves. And frankly, as bad as the time currently is, and it’s shocking almost to see what’s going on on that level. At the same time, it offers a lot of opportunity because the people that feel a little bit of this flame or a lot of that flame, obviously, all those people, they’re almost and abled now to feel more of that and to look at that because you almost can’t look at that other stuff anymore. You need… You’re thrown back to your own self and now is the time. And I think that, you know, if we don’t turn towards that and try to remember who we are and just start this inner path, then we’re gonna get one wet towel after the other is thrown into our faces to wake up that way. And I think the much easier way to wake up is to just, you know, proactively just try to start the inner path on our own.

Katie: Yeah. And I think as an example that comes to mind kind of trying to understand these concepts, especially the importance of belief and how that applies to our physiology is there have been times, sadly, when they’ve misdiagnosed someone with an illness, for instance, and told them that they had a certain amount of time to live and that they were going to die in, say, three months. And they do. And then they discovered an autopsy that they never actually had the disease or the cancer they thought that they had to begin with, but because they believed they were going to die they did. And I think there’s unfortunate examples of this in the medical system quite often. But we can look at that in the reverse as well as that if that same thing by application would mean that if you have a positive belief in something or the body’s ability to heal or its innate wisdom to get better, it also creates the scenario where that can become much more possible.

But I think it’s also just, like I said, it’s difficult to wrap your head around if this is new. And I still have trouble understanding or believing some parts of all these different things. But there definitely does seem to be this subtle element of that which we believe has a higher probability of being true, especially because we create the conditions by which those things happen or don’t based on our mindset kind of. And I know that what you’re explaining goes deeper than that, but I thought that might be a good example for people to start to kind of understand a little bit.

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And I mean, things like spontaneous recoveries, when people believe they’re going to get better and then they do, in fact, get better, or like you mentioned, people able to not be affected by EMF despite what we know on the technology side of EMF. And so I think that mindset piece is hard to grasp, certainly, and hard to measure, which makes it difficult to explain, but there are examples where we can see that impact.

Philipp: Absolutely, yeah. I would 100% agree with that.

Katie: I have noticed as well that you work with a network of international healers. And I think this is an important thing to touch on as well. Just kind of can you explain how that came to be and what that looks like, that relationship?

Philipp: Yes. So, because we’re really working with energy and with frequencies, science always is the second step for us because we first worked with healers, right, or healer practitioners. And what does that mean? So, the network of these healers consists of very, very special people that have abilities that go way beyond what even a normal, like, energy practitioner would have. We’re not talking, like, some Reiki practitioner. I don’t wanna devalue that. But that’s a completely different level than what these people operate. Like, for example, Roman Hafner from Europe, he was already at the age of 11 called the wunderkind in Europe. He’s extremely famous, actually, in Europe. He’s been probably on every podcast that you can find that’s German-speaking, in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany because he was born with the ability to see frequencies and energies in an extremely granular way. And what he didn’t have when he was born is this ability to just see the matter with the eyes the way that we do it or that most people do it when we, you know, learn how to see.

We see a candle holder somewhere and, you know, that’s what we see. Okay. It’s black and then there’s a candle that’s white, and then there’s a flame. He would see in a completely different way. Also, an arm. You see the outside of the arm, I’m assuming, the hand, and so on. And he would see the inside, the energy, the heat. He could see the heartbeat. He could see if there’s anything wrong with intestines or something else. And then he noticed very, very quickly that he’s not only able to see all that, he’s also able to actually put these frequencies together in a different way and actually, you know, literally heal things, right? And then he started to work already as a teenager with doctors together where he would basically tell the doctor what that person has, what the patient has, and then the doctor would also start, you know, working with their treatments because also not everybody was open to energy treatments. But yeah. And he’s developed those capabilities way beyond those capabilities he had when he was 11.

And so when we work with these energies and frequencies, we worked, for example, with him to develop something that helps with a specific use case like we’ve developed the card, it’s called the so-called inner peace card. So, that’s the CMS, how it looks like. And there’s a frequency in there that helps you to come back to your inner peace. So, whether you have anxiety or stress or you’re just overwhelmed by everything that’s going on in your life, right, then this is something that can help you come back into your space, into your inner peace, and sense that and then expand it from there. And it works a little bit like a healer in your pocket, if you will, because it also helps you to, like I said, initially, to learn again how you can do that yourself, right, if you just work with it a little bit. And yeah, same with, you know, some of these effects on the body, right? Roman can see exactly what’s going on. So, we work with him to actually develop certain products and to see what’s actually happening.

And then the science comes afterwards because we always wanna try to show as much scientifically as possible with studies that it really works that way and that not only just our healers say it works that way. Well, that’s great. But people want scientific proof, and that’s what we’re doing. We’re putting a lot of emphasis on that. Now, we’re not a big company at all. We’re a small company and we’re self-funded and that’ll stay that way also. And that’s why we don’t have a huge budget, but, you know, what we can, we put into research and studies in that regard. So, we have done a lot of studies already, but we’re doing a lot more studies.

So, just in this year, we have two studies in the U.S., one is actually in regards to chronic Lyme disease that’s with doctors that are now practicing functional medicine. And the other one is another dark-field microscopy study. And then there’s a study in India also with the doctors of the functional medicine space and, actually, all doctors that know how to practice in each space, but now functional medicine has really become their field of choice, if you will. And it’s about autistic kits. And so how does that come? It comes because, on one hand, you know, our healers see certain things of what’s possible, but then, suddenly, we get a lot…and that’s with autistic, the autistic kids, for example, that we have people using the products and they’re coming back with all this feedback and all these testimonials and amazing things that are happening. And if it becomes so much, then we would like to also follow that with a study in order to, you know, have something that, you know, other people can then also look at and maybe benefit from that.

Katie: Got it. And I have a note that you guys also plant a tree for every purchase. Where do those trees go?

Philipp: Yeah. That’s a great question. So, we can actually determine that. And we have planted trees in the U.S. We’ve planted trees in South America already. But we could also decide, you know, that trees get planted elsewhere. So far, we’ve focused on the U.S. and South America in that regard. And it’s indeed for every purchase, we plant a tree. It’s a conscious business, if you will, so we try to do good while we can. And that’s just another part of it.

Katie: And I have a note here also from our questions pre-interview of, if you had three wishes for humanity, what would you wish for? And I think this is a really cool question.

Philipp: Well, I hope right now, and that’s for the near future ahead, that a lot more people wake up and that we can…more and more people can find a way back to their inner source and their inner power and that from within we create a much more livable world here on earth that is more peaceful, more fun, and more free and where self-expression is not something that’s being bombarded or suppressed, but that it can actually come out and that we can be ourselves and love ourselves. And I think that would be, yeah, something I’d be really happy with.

Katie: And another question I’d love to ask at the end of interviews is that, there is a book or a number of books that have had a profound impact on your life, and if so what they are and why.

Philipp: So, I’ve read a lot of books. I don’t read a lot of books anymore, but the one that I can call out is “Siddhartha” by Hermann Hesse. And that’s already a very, very long time ago that I read that, but that changed something for me where I realized, okay, there’s so much more and I don’t really know what it is, but it helped me to search more. Yeah. And I think it triggered something within me to actually start this path of inner development and all of that and took, from there, still a long time to go through multiple blockages. But yeah, that was something that helped with a spark at that time.

Katie: And then lastly, I know we have a special discount code that’ll be in the show notes, you guys listening, But where can people find you to learn more? Because this is certainly a big topic and a complex one. And I know there’s a lot more information on your website for people to keep learning.

Philipp: Yeah. So, that’s certainly On the website, you can find information. But then I would suggest then almost, even a better way, that’s our private Telegram group. I would make that link available for you, for your audience, certainly, so that they can join if they like because and it’s called the Quantum Power Group. And then we talk about all these aspects of quantum technology and how the products work and what they do and several other aspects, also scientific aspects along those lines. But first and foremost is really a user group where people can ask all the questions that they have, right, in that regard. And other people share their experiences and they give answers of what they’ve already experienced. And so it’s a great way to learn and to be in contact with amazing, wonderful people. So, the group is really full of kind-hearted, nice people. And usually, we’re all kind of, like, swimming on the same wave, if you will. And I’m personally in that group as well. So, I answer a lot of questions there. And then people can also find me there and private message. And I answer every question, every text message I get. It may sometimes take a couple of days, but I do that. And so that’s a great way to connect with us.

Katie: Wonderful. I’ll put all those links at so you guys can find them. And like I said in the beginning, this is a new area of research for me that I feel like I’m still very much learning as well. I’m excited to keep reading and keep learning more and more and to get to try some of these things and feel the effects firsthand. But Philipp, thanks for being here and tackling what seems like a very complex topic in such an understandable way today.

Philipp: Thank you so much for inviting me. That was great.

Katie: And thanks, as always, to you guys for listening and sharing your most valuable resources, your time, and your energy with us today. We’re so grateful that you did and I hope that you will join me again on the next episode of “The Wellness Mama Podcast.”

If you’re enjoying these interviews, would you please take two minutes to leave a rating or review on iTunes for me? Doing this helps more people to find the podcast, which means even more moms and families could benefit from the information. I really appreciate your time, and thanks as always for listening.


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