Everleigh LaBrant Reacts to Song “Like Taylor Swift” Blowing Up


“Like Taylor Swift”—in which Everleigh name-drops several of the singer’s songs and sings about moving to Tennessee and listening to Taylor on the radio—has sparked mixed reactions. In fact, some critics have compared it to Rebecca Black‘s infamous 2011 song “Friday.”

However, others, like JoJo Siwa, have defended Everleigh and “Like Taylor Swift” amid the criticism.

“Saying all of this with love,” the former child star wrote in a Sept. 8 TikTok video, which shows her lip-syncing to the song in a car. “As the now 20 year old who once was the 10 year old growing up infront of the internet, I wanna say to anyone thats been saying negative things about this song or everleigh herself, lose your ego and grow up.”

JoJo, who has appeared in LaBrant family videos in the past, continued, “First, this song is adorable (and insanely catchy). And second… Bullying isnt cool, it’s not funny, and it’s not trendy, ever… especially when it’s directed at a 10 year old and her first song by people much older than her. Some even adults. If you’ve posted something knocking this, you should be embarrassed.”

As for Everleigh? Well, JoJo aimed a whole lot of praise her way, noting that she said, is “one of the kindest and hardest working kids i’ve ever had to joy of getting to be around.” The dance star added, “She absolutely deserves all the love [and] success she has.”


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