The Surprise Return of ExtraTorrent as Thanks to Ex-Admin and Uploaders

All you need to know about the latest version of ExtraTorrent

A piece of devastating news came out on the 17th of May, 2016 that the popular torrent website, ExtraTorrent was being permanently shut down. With more than half of the internet population relying on torrent websites, the news as expected was not taken well. Read below all about ExtraTorrent as

Before ExtraTorrent, we saw the Pirate Bay torrents, KickAss torrents, and numerous websites were taken down. Such platforms now rely on proxies and VPNs to function properly. They operate under different URLs daily and do not work in the same way as before.

ExtraTorrent is back for good

Just when you thought that you are running out of premium torrent downloading options, ExtraTorrent is back with a bang. After checking it thoroughly and downloading a few torrents, experts have confirmed that the latest URL is legit and working just like the previous version.

The newer version is more of a clone of the original website that has been permanently wiped out from the World Wide Web.  As per the previous developers and admins, the website still has the old data is being updated regularly. You might find a few glitches or technicalities here and there like finding a few small features not working in order. However, you can be assured that the ExtraTorrent team is working to the fullest to resolve all the issues for you to have a smooth torrenting experience.

Why was ExtraTorrent shut down permanently?

People often wonder what exactly the main reason was for the shutdown of one of the best torrent websites on the internet. There was not much of an explanation given by the owner but there are a few conclusions that the experts have drawn. A prominent reason behind the act could be the overgrowing legal pressure from the authorities. Torrenting in general is illegal and is not encouraged at all. There’s a high possibility that the admins and uploaders were threatened for making further mirrored versions of the website.

It all started with ExtraTorrent losing the first of its three domain names that proved to be the catalyst for making the developers give up the case.

The final message after the shutdown was that all mirrored versions were closed for good and the users were advised to stay away from all clones or fake versions of ExtraTorrent. With such a statement given, the latest release seems a bit dodgy, doesn’t it?

The Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives

As per many torrent users and experts, the new ExtraTorrent unblocked domain is not worth the risk. The real owner has neither confirmed nor denied whether the release is an official one or not.

In simple words, you never know when the website could go down and you will be left without a proper explanation yet again. It is better to have a few backup platforms so that you can have a smooth torrenting experience.

Here are a few ExtraTorrent alternatives that you can try:

  • The Pirate Bay

If you are looking for the perfect ExtraTorrent replacement, you won’t get a much better option than the pirate bay platform. Currently, the platform goes by URL.  The torrent website is a hub for downloading the latest movies, music, and some interesting software.

The Pirate Bay platform was once the top most-visited torrent website in the world due to its reliability and high-quality content. Over time, the top torrent site has stood strong against numerous allegations and trials and is still very active to help you out.

  • 1337x

1337x is one of the most popular torrent sites that you can consider for a good torrenting experience. Like any other torrent platform, 1337x has also been on the run from the legal authorities. The site has taken the common practice of making mirrored versions of itself and runs on a different domain name daily. As per the site users, the current URL is that might change due to a few technicalities.

  • Torrentz2eu

Here is another great ExtraTorrent alternative for you to consider. The current domain goes by different addresses. The website was banned a couple of years ago and still has some accessing issues. It is recommended that you use a proxy or a VPN service to use the Torrentz2eu current domain. You might get a warning or two regarding the risks involved while entering the website. However, the risk is worth taking as the platform has all the entertainment content you are craving for.

  • YTS or YIFY

Formerly known as YIFY, YTS is another option that you can consider. If you have a legit torrenting experience, you must be aware of how good the YIFY website was in its prime. Along with the Pirate Bay and KickAss sites, YIFY was one of the most talked-about torrent platforms on the internet.

YTS is known for providing reliable and high-quality content. In simple words, you won’t regret having this on your torrent downloading list.


RARBG is one of the oldest torrenting sites that you can find. Despite its unavailability in a few countries, the platform still makes a worthy ExtraTorrent alternative. Unlike other similar websites, you won’t find any problems surfing through the site while using a good quality VPN connection.

A good thing about the torrent site is that it has a detailed structure. You may find content in different categories with user reviews, and the latest product news as well.

  • TorLock

With over 4 million torrents in its database, TorLock is certainly a good option for any torrent user. You will find various movies, music, games, and other options to download for your entertainment.

As per numerous user experiences, the website is easy to navigate through and is regularly updated. Overall, the platform serves as a good ExtraTorrent replacement due to a good user interface and the quality of content.

As said before, you never know when ExtraTorrent could get shut down. Some users are still doubting the legitimacy of the website due to its unexpected return with no reaction from the actual founder. However, you can always look for other options while still enjoying the services of ExtraTorrent as long it is active on the internet.

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