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FOG Architecture creates kinetic display for Super Seed’s Hangzhou store


Chinese studio FOG Architecture has added over a hundred moving display boxes to skincare brand Super Seed’s latest retail store in Hangzhou, China.

The studio installed 168 kinetic semitransparent acrylic boxes in the main product display area of the 300-square-metre store.

Its aim was for the boxes to help create a variety of different display combinations, while also encouraging more interactions between the visitors and the products.

Moving display at Super Seed Hangzhou
Over one hundred movable acrylic display boxes are installed at the store

An electric motor moves the boxes, which were programmed to move vertically in two different ways.

Under the static mode, the boxes can move up and down to one of three height levels, while under the dynamic mode, seven height levels can be selected.

FOG Architecture uses steel ropes and stranded wires to hang the boxes from the ceiling and selected 20 millimetres per second as their moving speed after multiple tests, to ensure maximum security and smooth movement.

Movable display boxes at Super Seed shop
The boxes can move up and down at various heights

“It challenges the divorce between fixtures and furnishings in traditional spaces by softening the borderlines between itself and the walls, floor, ceiling, and lighting,” FOG Architecture said of the installation.

“This novel installation redefines the formal expression of the functionality of shelves, producing a unique spatial experience,” it added.

Display area at Super Seed shop
Display areas can be easily transformed for different purposes

The studio has also designed a series of modular chairs to go with the display boxes. These wooden chairs can be placed next to the acrylic boxes when they’re at floor level, helping to create a seating and display area.

“Unique shopping experiences rely on the creative interpretation of conventional spaces and the innovative application of everyday functionalities,” said the studio.

“In this case, we envisioned a retail method different from packed shelving units, and proposed a multipurpose, interactive, and interesting display structure.”

Next to the product display area, there are five “labs” where visitors can try out the products. FOG Architecture used metal counters to give this area a futuristic feel that would highlight Super Seed’s technology and research background.

At the entrance of the store, an inflatable wall adds softness to the otherwise hard space where metal, glass and acrylic are the main materials.

Lab area at Super Seed shop
Metal counters are used to make the space feel like a lab

Various plant exhibitions can be found throughout the store in a nod to the fact that the skincare brand is plant-based.

Dried plants were placed in capsule-shaped containers, while green plants were mixed with the beauty products in the acrylic display boxes, creating an intriguing visual effect through the frosted semitransparent boxes.

Entrance at Super Seed shop
An inflatable wall installation is used to soften the space

FOG Architecture was founded by Zheng Yu and Zhan Di and has offices in London, Shanghai and Chongqing.

Its recently finished projects include fragrance brand To Summer’s flagship store in Shanghai, which was longlisted in the large retail interiors category of Dezeen Awards 2022.

The photography is by SFAP.

Project credits:

Design team: Deng Ye, Zou Dejing, Hou Shaokai, Zhang Wanyi, Jiang Lu, Zhan Di, Zheng Yu
Lighting design: Zhang Xu (LB Design)
Installation Design: Shanghai Faithture Props Co., Ltd.
Structure Consultant: Tao Xinwei
Managing Contractor: Youlong Jinsheng


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