Four Best Blogging Platforms to Use In 2021

Blogging is a wonderful way to relate to the world. It can be a wonderful way to communicate with others, whether you are blogging to share your love for your hobbies, blogging to connect with others on a personal level, or blogging to help promote a company. I will be reviewing each of the famous blogging sites available today in this post. As blogging is far more than writing or sharing images, it is important to find your needs’ right forum. You will want to have a platform that gives you the customization options you are looking for to give your readers what they need to read and connect with your blog. Read below all about – Best Blogging Platforms 2021.

You will want to pick blog sites that appeal to beginners if you have never blogged before. This means you’ll be giving up the ability to modify HTML or CSS code in certain instances. These choices for coding could be more important to you if you have been blogging for a while. You will still have to consider as a blogger whether you want to pay for the choices that come with those platforms or stick to the free platforms that might have fewer available options. Your blog’s focus is and whether you intend to make money off the blog itself will decide this decision.

Blogging platforms that offer both free and paid services are also available, which can be beneficial when your tiny blog transforms into a major success. Here are some of the top sites for blogging that are available.


Word Press is a popular platform for blogging used on approximately 30% of websites, providing an excellent blend between ease of use and versatile choices. They will handle all the information for a one-stop shopping option and take care of the domain name, encryption, and hosting. WordPress provides hundreds of themes, with font versatility and custom-look choices. They still provide professional assistance, and purchases via credit card can be approved with a usable plugin.


While some blogs are well established and blur the line between a forum and a fully-fledged website, we have Tumblr at the other end of things. As it boasts a whopping 500+ million individual blogs, it appears to be doing everything well. It focuses on the more compact end of the spectrum, emphasizing shorter information that may appear as more of an alternative social media site, like just a picture or link. Content is definitely more short-form, with posts consisting of several materials like pictures, quips, Spotify tracks, jokes, and videos. You can also join other sites or a social media site and republish content you like on your own blog.


Typepad is a professionally established blogging site developed for a talented blogger. It provides a lot of functionality, including the option to post via email, a web server, or a smartphone. It also conveniently interacts with Google Analytics, which has its own affiliate scheme. Typepad enables design customization with a Theme Builder for a customized look and the option for making your own custom design or updating a theme with custom CSS. Typepad is fully hosted and has support available. is a forum for website designers specifically set up to develop blogs, but it can also be used to launch a blog. Wix’s core advantage is that portable devices are enabled by the web pages or blogs you build for the app, so your readers can see your work easily viewed on their smartphone or tablet. Wix also provides its customers with a good amount of data and assistance, including email and mobile support for customized responses to your questions.

Here are the steps to start a blog in 2021.

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