How Do You Use “TFW” and What Does It Mean?

How Do You Use “TFW” and What Does It Mean? TFW is a common internet acronym that can be seen on social media pages and in memes all over the internet. But what exactly does TFW stand for, where did the word originate, and how do you put it to use? TFW can also mean “the feeling when” or “the face when,” depending on who’s writing it. These variants are identical to one another, with “that feel when” being the most common in internet discussions.

Normally, the word or acronym is replaced by a phrase that describes the experience. Depending on how it’s written, it may even have an accompanying image.


That Feel When: Tfw Meaning

TFW is an acronym for “the feel when” on the internet. This acronym is generally used to add emotional meaning or commentary to a situation, and it’s usually followed by a comic or emotive image (like the one above).

TFW, like FOMO, is more of a meme than a real acronym you use in a phrase. It normally follows a strict structure, with a sentence starting with TFW being followed by a dynamic image most of the time (but not always). This statement could be for you, such as “TFW your bathroom floods,” or it could be a joke, such as “TFW your friends are also aware of Pennywise the clown.”

That isn’t to suggest that TFW adheres to a rigid meme style all of the time. TFW suggests to readers that a tweet or article has an emotional meaning of its own. So, even though an image or note doesn’t follow ” TFW,” it may mean anything on its own.

As a result, you might respond to a ludicrous or hateful Facebook post with a simple “TFW.” People who know what TFW stands for should get the idea that you’re saying, “This article is completely insane!” Similarly, you might use “TFW” to react to an unwelcome message from an ex or a funny picture.

TFW’s Etymology

TFW is said to stand for “the face when” by some people. In certain ways, they might be right. People on the 4chan music board (called /mu/) began saying “MFW,” or “my face when,” in 2009. Surprisingly, MFW was used in the same manner as TFW is now. People will upload a funny face picture with a caption like “MFW people call chess a sport.”

About the same time, the word “feel” began to be used as a slang term for “feeling.” Memes like “I know the feel, bro” began to circulate on the internet, and the “Feels Guy” reaction image became a staple of nerd culture. The Feels Guy meme, like MFW, was used to respond to emotional circumstances. Unlike MFW, which was used to express disgust or reverence, the Feels Guy meme was used to express guilt, doubt, sorrow, or emasculation.

TFW was first formally described on the Urban Dictionary in 2010 or 2011, indicating that these two related ideas combined to form TFW. Although the grammatical meaning of TFW hasn’t changed much since then, the term has expanded significantly. It’s a handy shorthand for communicating feelings on the website, which is infamous for its lack of emotional transparency.

TFW Meaning And History

TFW is thought to have started with the meme “I Know The Feel Bro.” This is a screenshot of two “bros” kissing each other posted on 4chan over a decade ago. It was seen as a reaction to show empathy with another poster’s experiences. When anyone mentioned a sad event, the above drawing was commonly used to answer in different forums. Normally, these threads will begin with “TFW.”

Because of the rise of Twitter, TFW is expected to become ever more popular. Twitter only had a 140-character cap at the time, so abbreviations and acronyms were common on the platform. TFW and I Know The Feel Bro have now spawned a slew of spin-offs and iterations that have become ingrained in internet culture.

How Do You Use TFW?

When you start a sentence with TFW, readers will instinctively search for emotional meaning. You might hear something like, “TFW, there’s no bologna in the freezer,” or “TFW, the low fuel light turns on when you’re almost done.” People will attempt to extract emotional significance from the sentences in any case. Although these sentences can be used independently, TFW is more effective when combined with a picture or GIF. You could legally use any picture, but images with expressive faces are preferred. People would be able to determine the right emotional meaning by using TFW if there is more emotion in the shot.

TFW may also be used without any related terms or images, as previously said. Only make sure the situation has a clear emotional sense, to begin with. Although a single “TFW” in the middle of a chat about dogs is incomprehensible, replying “TFW” to an irritating or mean-spirited text message will convey messages like “get out of my inbox” or “how do you expect me to react to this?” Unlike several internet slang words common nearly a decade ago, TFW has stuck around and is still in use.

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