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How to bathe a dog seems straightforward. You put your dog into the washtub, add water, some shampoo, a bit of scrubbing, and out comes a clean pup. It sounds easy enough, but it can become quite difficult with a dog that wants to be anywhere but there.  What began as a simple chore becomes an almost impossible task! Fortunately, there are some great new dog bathing tools and dog bath supplies that can make bathing a dog a little easier.


Dog Bathing Tools

Bathing a dog can be challenging if you don’t have the right towel, a way to keep your dog still and a good brush. These four dog bathing tools solve those problems.

Microfiber Bath Towels


These towels can quickly dry a dog as they are highly absorbent and easy to handle. Some even have built-in hand pockets.

My pick: Messy Mutts Microfiber dog towel with hand pockets for $15.


Bath Leashes


If your pup is squirmy, then a bath leash will keep her in the tub. This leaves both your hands free to scrub and rinse. A great option is a short leash that clips to a strong suction cup which adheres to any smooth surface.

My pick: Tall Tails Bath Leash for $21.99.Tall Tails Bath Leash for $21.99

Shampoo Dispensing Brushes


These brushes apply your preferred shampoo and work it into your dog’s coat while the dog enjoys a massage with the rubber bristles.

My pick: Honest Paws Wag N’ Brush for $10.99.


Lick Mats

These mats stick to any flat surface and are made from food-grade silicone that you cover with a treat such as peanut butter or yogurt. This mat distracts your dog providing them a positive experience while you clean them.

My pick: LickiMat Splash for $26.99.LickiMatSplash

Dog Bath Shampoo and Conditioners

To get your dog clean, you’ll need shampoo and conditioner specifically made for dogs. These are good for the canine coat and skin, plus are nontoxic if your dog ingests them when licking his coat or paws. Today, shampoos are available for every type of grooming concern and skin issue.

Deodorizing Shampoos

These products are a great choice to keep on hand in case your dog ever has an encounter with a skunk. They are specifically formulated to take away the stinky smell from the dog’s fur and skin.

My pick: Skout’s Honor Skunk Odor Eliminator for $13.98.SkoutsHonorSkunkOdorEliminator

Flea & Tick Shampoos

These shampoos are the perfect choice if your dog has an issue with fleas or ticks. There are traditional flea and tick shampoos that include chemical products to kill the pests on contact, and there are natural options that use Essential oils and herbs instead.

My pick: EQyss Grooming Products Flea-Bite Shampoo for $19.99.EQyssGroomingFleaBiteShampoo

Puppy Shampoos

These shampoos are especially gentle on a young dog’s skin and are typically tearless.

My pick: Earthbath Ultra-Mild Puppy Shampoo for $17.99.EarthBathPuppyShampoo

Medicated Shampoos

These treat specific skin conditions, such as dry skin, sensitive skin, allergies, fungus, bacteria, dandruff or greasiness.

My pick: Eco Dog Care’s Simply Clean Calm Conditioning Shampoo for $18.EcoDogCareSimplyCleanCalmShampoo

Foaming Shampoos

If your dog just won’t get into the bathtub, there are waterless foam formulas that eliminate the “dog smell” without needing water.

My pick: Earthbath Hypoallergenic Dog Grooming Foam for $10.99.EarthbathHypoDogGroomingFoam

Best Dog Bathing and Drying Systems

These high-tech bathing products make our lives easier and that includes bath time with Fido.

BARKBATH QT Portable Dog Bath & Grooming System – This portable bath system from Bissell can be used in and out of the bathroom. It uses a specially-designed nozzle that allows the Bissel branded no-rinse shampoo to go under the coat and quickly clean up dirt and odor. The gentle suction pulls the shampoo and dirt into a holding tank, which allows for quick cleanup. Costs $99.99.



Uah Pet Fluffy-1 High-Velocity Dog Hair Dryer – This dryer maintains a dog-safe temperature with multiple heat and speed settings to quickly dry your dog after their bath in record time. Costs $99.99.UAHpetFluffyDogHairDryer

Even though a bath may never be your favorite way to spend time with your pup, hopefully these bathing tools and supplies can make it a little more enjoyable for both you and your dog!


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