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Maltipoos are one of the most commonly-spotted dogs at pet salons, says Paige McIlwain, director of training at Salty Dawg Pet Salon. That’s because their fur, like other mixed breed Oodles and Oos, is a combination of two breeds with very different coats. A Maltese has thin, straight-to-wavy silky hair, while the Poodle has thick, curly course hair.

Depending on genetics, says Paige, “Maltipoo coat types can be closer to one of those breeds or anything in between.”

The varied coat texture puts each Maltipoo in a unique grooming situation. However, there are a few grooming tips that all Maltipoo pet parents can follow to maintain that white fluffy look without the tangles that naturally come along with it.


How often should I get my Maltipoo groomed?

Maltipoos benefit from regular professional grooming, but how often you take your dog to the groomer depends on how long you like to keep the coat. For shorter cuts, such as ½ inch or shorter, you can spread your groomer visits out somewhere between six to eight weeks, Paige says. For lengths 5/8 to an inch, Paige recommends grooming every three to six weeks and for anything longer than an inch, every two to four weeks.

“These guidelines not only keep the pet manageable for the owner and the stylist, they also keep pets on a low-stress routine while looking their best,” Paige says.

A realistic approach to how often you’ll be able to brush your dog’s hair at home and how frequently you can bring your dog to grooming appointments should guide your Maltipoo’s hair length.

What grooming services should Maltipoos get?

During their grooming appointments, Maltipoos should receive:

  • Hair brushing and cut and detangling of any knots
  • Nail trim and filing (every two to four weeks to maintain a healthy length)
  • Ear cleaning by wiping down the outside of your dog’s ears
  • Bath

Leave anal gland expression, ear-hair plucking and more in-depth ear cleaning to your vet.

Grooming styles for Maltipoos

There is no hairstyle standard for Maltipoos because they are mixed breeds, but there are the most popular Maltipoo haircuts requested:

  • Teddy bear cut: A simple one-length around the body with a slightly more fluffy and rounded head. “We like to call them Lifestyle Maintenance Grooms,” says Paige. This style is versatile and can be cut to any length. Ears and tail lengths are typically trimmed to owner preference.
  • Lamb cut: a shorter body with fuller flared legs. This style is adaptable to many combinations of coat lengths, tail, ear and face styles. This gives the impression of longer hair without the full body long hair style. “Just remember to keep up with brushing and combing the longer legs to keep the style intact,” advises Paige.

Maltipoo grooming costs

Maltipoo Dog in a Shower Being Groomed
Maltipoo fur can easily tangle and is painful for your pup. Regular brushing at home can make professional grooming visits less stressful for you and your dog. © kovsca / Getty Images

On average, a Maltipoo grooming will cost between $65 and $80 per month. However, costs will depend on where you live and if extra time needs to be spent detangling and de-matting your dog’s coat, which is a top grooming problem and typically costs more.

Other top Maltipoo grooming problems Paige sees include:

  • Tangling or matting
  • Reluctance having their paws handles for nail trims, clipping or brushing
  • Fear of blow dryers

Mats and tight tangles on Maltipoos — and any dog breed who has longer fur— are painful because of the constant tension on the dog’s skin.

“Detangling weeks or months’ worth of tangles is extremely uncomfortable for your pet,” Paige says.

Grooming your Maltipoo at home

The most important at-home grooming is brushing and combing your Maltipoo’s coat daily.

“This keeps your pet’s hair from forming tight painful knots and mats, so that you can keep your pet in any desired style,” says Paige.

If a Maltipoo’s coat gets too tangled, it’s typically advised to shave the fur down short to promote healthy regrowth.

What’s the best brush for Maltipoos?

Grooming professionals recommend a slicker brush for daily home grooming. Slicker brushes break up tangles into smaller segments. Pair your slicker brush with a dual-sided metal comb with wide and fine teeth to brush the remaining knots out, Paige says. The fine-tooth side of the comb also works for combing other debris and food out of the coat.

Paige recommends the Flying Pawfect slicker brush, which you can purchase on Amazon, and the Calfhelp Dog Comb, also available on Amazon.

Other grooming brushes we recommend:

More at-home Maltipoo grooming tips

Wipe down your dog’s muzzle area, inner eye corners and potty areas, says Paige. A couple of our favorite grooming wipes include:

A bath should be given at the halfway point between your haircut appointments with your groomer, and many salons even offer bathing services if you’re not able to bathe your dog at home.

After the bath, detangle your pet’s coat while or immediately after drying to prevent knots from getting larger and tighter.

Paige says, “If upkeeping a high-maintenance clip does not fit in your schedule, opt for a shorter cut for ease of care between salon appointments.”


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