How to Leverage AI and Sustainability for Maximum Event Impact by Chief Marketer / Event Marketer

As we peer into 2024, two of this year’s most prominent trends, AI and sustainability, are set to become even more interconnected and influential. However, staying current with these tools and practices can pose a challenge for event marketers striving to craft strategies that yield maximum impact and ROI. Join us for a hands-on webinar where a panel of industry experts will delve into the most pressing use cases and growth prospects associated with these hot topics.

Through exclusive data, insights on tools and resources, and in-depth case studies, you’ll learn:

  • Ideas for budget-conscious innovation
  • How to market your sustainability program
  • Technologies that drive efficiencies and engagement
  • Designs that are eco-friendly but pack a punch
  • What genAI solutions are worth exploring now
  • And more big revelations for 2024
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