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If your house has a spare room or even a large walk-in closet, you might give your dog his or her own room. A dog room keeps your dog’s belongings contained in one area of your home. A bedroom for the dog can even be an alternative to having a crate and can give your dog her own place to relax in the house or be a place to play when weather gets cold. Plus, it’s fun to decorate!


What is a dog room?

A dog room is an area of your home dedicated specifically for your dog and her needs; it helps you manage your dog, keeping her safe and happy. This is a sanctuary for her to retreat to when the house is busy or loud and she needs some private time to decompress. A dog room can also be a playroom with canine fitness equipment and a place to run and play. It’s an ideal place to store all your dog’s toys and even some or all the grooming supplies and accessories.

If you have a large space and an active dog, you can even use the dog room for fitness training and conditioning or to play when the weather outside is too wet or cold. For a big play space, consider turning an unfinished basement into a room for your dog by adding some dog agility tunnels and other equipment for all-weather fun. If you’re going to be using your dog’s room for play or training, make sure the flooring is supportive and has traction such as carpeting or matting.

Selecting the right room:

The first step to setting up a dog room in your house is to decide where the room is going to be. If you have a spare bedroom that isn’t being fully utilized that’s an obvious first choice. If you have a large breed dog, a bedroom or basement space will work best. If you have a small breed dog, it’s possible to build a nice but compact dog bedroom into a smaller area of the home. A large walk-in closet or under-stairs storage closet can — with a little planning — be easily repurposed into a fun and aesthetically pleasing hangout space for your dog to play and rest.

Dog room décor ideas

When designing a dog room consider first the functionality — is it going to be a bedroom or a playroom? Once you know how you want your dog to use the space, let your imagination guide your interior design. A fun idea if you have a small dog is to make a miniature version of a living room or bedroom by hanging framed art on the wall and making or purchasing small dog-sized chairs, couches, coffee tables, etc. Another dog room decor idea is to model the room after a child’s bedroom by purchasing a dog bed that looks like a person’s bed, add a nightstand, bedding and decor from dog-themed movies or television shows like Bluey, 101 Dalmatians, Blues Clues or Super Pets. When creating a dog room there are no rules with decor, you can go with whatever fits your home’s style and your dog’s personality. It can also be fun to order custom art of your dog from a visual artist or print some of your favorite photos from the adventures you and your dog have had, put them in frames and hang them in your dog’s room. You could even paint a wall mural of one of your dog’s favorite places.

What should be in a dog room?

What you put in your dog’s room is going to be a personal decision based on how much space you have and how you want your dog’s room to be used. Ideally the room should be:

  • dog-proofed — not include extension cords, that could be chewed or small items which could accidentally be ingested.
  • a place to contain your dog when you aren’t able to supervise. Instead of crating your dog, use dog gates or baby gates in place of the door. This will allow your dog to see out of their room, but also keep them safely contained.
  • a space to relax — include a dog bed or two and blankets
  • a space to store all their toys, gear and accessories.

Some great products to include in your dog’s room are:

  1. A luxury dog bed, like the Orvis Memory Foam Couch Dog Bed that can be personalized.
  2. Pet feeder station that stores food and has built-in food and water dishes, like the Pet Feeder Station from Grandinroad
  3. Custom Pet Poster, like The General from Crown & Paw
  4. A floor rug/bed, like the PupRug by Faux Fur Orthopedic Dog Bed
  5. Toy box, like the Richell Wooden Toy Box at
  6. Place to hang your dog’s clothes, like the Personalized Dog Wardrobe from DesignPetFurniture at
  7. Dog gate to block off the room but allow your dog to see out, like the Hiddin Clear Freestanding Pet Gate Panel

With a little planning your dog’s bedroom can be not only practical, but also an aesthetically pleasing part of your home.


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