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Humanscale launches inclusive task chair for the home and office

Promotion: office furniture brand Humanscale has released the Path office chair, created to be a comfortable seat without the need for adjustments.

Designed in collaboration with industrial designer Todd Bracher, the Path chair features a counterbalancing mechanism that supports users’ bodies, while its mesh-like fabric upholstery is made from recycled PET water bottles and provides lumbar support.

Blue upholstered Path office chair by Humanscale in a timber-clad interior at a wooden desk
The Path chair was designed to conform to the user’s body

Humanscale describes the chair as “not only the world’s most sustainable task chair but is also the world’s most inclusive task chair”.

While other office chairs feature knobs and levers allowing users to adjust the seat to their preference, Path was designed to adapt to the user’s body without manual intervention.

Grey Path office chair in a living room with wooden floors and white bookshelves
Its upholstery is made from recycled materials

“The further that users’ height or weight is from ‘average’, the more work that takes to align everything correctly,” said the brand.

“As a result, most chairs are either adjusted incorrectly or not at all, resulting in poor posture and unhealthy work habits.”

Two of Humanscale's chairs
It was designed to suit any home or workplace setting

Path chairs feature Humanscale’s Gravity Mechanism, which intuitively counterbalances the user’s weight to support them comfortably.

“When you recline, it gently lifts so your body becomes the natural counterbalance and is firmly supported wherever it stops,” said the brand.

“This creates virtual pivot points that allow Path to move with you in complete harmony.”

Green Path chairs in an open-plan office
Path is certified climate positive

The chair is upholstered in Humanscale’s FormSense Eco Knit textile, which has a mesh-like surface that the brand claims conforms to users’ bodies and provides lumbar support.

“Each stitch is individually controlled, resulting in a beautifully responsive, customised experience for the user,” said Humanscale. “No matter who you are, Path is designed to be simple, seamless and inclusive.”

Blue Path office chair by Humanscale in a loft conversion with a desk and sofa bed
It comes in a variety of finishes

The fabric is made from 100 per cent recycled polyester and is knitted to fit the chair’s shape, minimising the amount of waste produced.

Each Path chair is comprised of almost 10 kilograms of recycled content, including around 2.8 kilograms of reclaimed fishing nets, 1.5 kilograms of ocean-bound plastic, 2.1 kilograms of post-industrial recycled content, 0.6 kilograms of PET bottles and 3 kilograms of mixed post-consumer content.

Green, pink, red and blue Path office chairs by Humanscale
The Gravity Mechanism was designed to support the user’s weight

Humanscale claims the chair has been certified climate positive, meaning its production removes more carbon from the atmosphere than it creates.

“Path represents a new benchmark, upcycling more plastic waste than any other chair in the industry,” said the brand. “It is certified climate positive and is the most sustainable chair on the market because of both its composition and manufacturing process.”

Navy Path office chair by Humanscale
The chair comes with or without armrests

Path has gently curved corners creating a rounded silhouette designed to blend into any home or workplace setting.

It is available in a range of textile and chrome-free leather upholstery as well as different finishes for the base structure. The armrests come in a choice of fixed, adjustable or with no armrests.

Founded in 1983, Humanscale describes itself as a brand creating ergonomic furniture that improves the quality and comfort of workplace environments.

The Path chair joins the brand’s 25 other certified climate-positive products, representing Humanscale’s commitment to sustainable production.

To learn more about the product, visit Humanscale’s website.

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