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I’ll be pissed if Assistant with Bard isn’t available on my Pixel Fold

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Beyond the Alphabet is a weekly column that focuses on the tech world both inside and out of the confines of Mountain View.

With Galaxy AI taking over the world now that the Galaxy S24 is out, my focus has switched back to what Google is planning with Bard. The company just introduced Imagen 2 image generation to Bard while expanding the reach of Gemini Pro to more countries and in more languages.

This is all great news, but it’s not exactly the news that I was hoping for. No, I’m not talking about Gemini Ultra, which is still slated to arrive sometime this year. Instead, I’m still wondering where in the world Assistant with Bard is. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been seeing more leaks about what the interface will look like, and that Google might even be rebranding it to just “Gemini.”

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