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Indoor Botanical Gardens

The Best Botanical Gardens in the World

An indoor botanical garden is also known as an arboretum. A botanical garden is a large collection of plants labeled by their botanical names that are planted for collection, study, research, cultivation, preservation, or simply just display. We will today list some of the best indoor gardens in the world, which is a must-visit, and also explain why each one of them is considered to be so special. Read below all about – Indoor Botanical Gardens.

Is there a difference between an arboretum and a botanical garden?

The only difference between the two may be that an arboretum is a botanical garden that contains woody plants at least partly for research purposes, and also, to increase knowledge and inspire curiosity about plants and wooded landscapes.

Indoor Botanical Gardens

Best Botanical Gardens in the World:

Kew Gardens, England:

Kew Gardens in London, England, is the world’s largest and one of the world’s oldest collection of living plants. There is a reason that it is the most famous indoors garden in the world. Kew Gardens are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is one of the best-kept heritage sites in the world. It has many indoor gardens, along with canopy walkways, cafes, art galleries, and many other attractions. The Princess of Wales Conservatory is a sight to behold, as it will take the visitors through ten different climate zones. Similarly, the Waterlily House displays giant lily pads up close to you.

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore:

This is one of the biggest attractions in Singapore. It is a three-garden park situated on a waterfront plot near Marina Bay. Gardens by the Bay contains the world’s largest glasshouse, as per Guinness World Records, known as the Flower Dome. The Flower Dome is one of two cooled conservatories, which features seven indoor gardens, an olive grove, and a bistro. The Cloud Forest, which is the second conservatory, contains a man-made mountain, which you can access through an elevator, and a walking path which would take you past a waterfall.

Garfield Park Conservatory, United States:

The Garfield Park Conservatory situated in Chicago was designed over a century ago to be a pleasure park. It spans an area of 4.5 acres and is considered to be one of the largest and most spectacular conservatories in the world. The facility is a big tourist attraction as there is something for people of all ages. There are many plant exhibitions in its themed houses, which appeal to children, as there is a children’s garden. The Horticulture Hall along with a fern room, a desert house, and many more, make it a lovely place to be, especially in the daylight. The best part about visiting the conservatory is that it is free!

Climatron, United States:

Climatron is the world’s first geodesic dome designed to be a conservatory. It was also the world’s first air-conditioned greenhouse when it opened first in 1960. Climatron is home to more than 2800 plants and the aim is to match the climate of a lowland rainforest environment from all around the world. Climatron is a National Historic Landmark, as well and the greater Missouri Botanical Garden is the oldest in the world. The most appealing thing about the Climatron is its design which has no columns or interior support from floor to ceiling, which allows for maximum light and space than other conventional designs.

Atocha Station, Spain:

The Atocha Station of Madrid, Spain, is no ordinary train station. Any traveler would be surprised to find a tropical garden amidst a station. The garden is situated in one of the unused portions of the station and it infuses a large variety of plants and animals in its sanctuary. This brings a pleasant taste of wildlife to one’s daily commute if you are lucky enough to use the Atocha Station in your day-to-day routine. The Atocha Station is home to more than 260 species of plants from Asia, Australia, and America. The station has a metallic and glass structure that makes it easier to be a greenhouse with ponds. It also has an indoor sprinkler system that allows the plants to thrive.

Washington Park Arboretum, USA:

A Seattle-based indoor botanical garden is one of the highlights of visiting the famous Emerald City. Washington Park came into existence in the mid-1930s and contains one of the most diverse collections of plants in North America. It is acclaimed internationally for its collection of oaks, conifers, camellias, Japanese maples, and hollies. The Seattle Japanese Garden in Washington Park Arboretum is one of the most renowned Japanese gardens outside of Japan. There is also a 14-acre eco-geographic Pacific Connections Garden under construction in Washington Park Arboretum and it promises to be a sight to behold.

Is it possible to make a botanical garden inside your own home?

Visiting a botanical garden is a soothing experience. You feel so close to nature, plus with winters arriving, botanical gardens can help warm up the place. Naturally, the question arises whether a person can create that environment at their place?

Indoor Botanical Gardens
Is it possible to make a botanical garden inside your own home?

The answer is yes. You can make an indoor botanical garden at your place. However, it would require a lot of planning, constant up-keep, and, passion for the job. If you think you have it all, we will guide you in the easiest way to make an indoor botanical garden in your home!


1) Find a place that gets a lot of sunlight and cross-ventilation. Pinpoint shady areas, this will help you place the plants according to their light requirements.

2) Gather shrubs native to your region, use them as ground cover.

3) Your choice of plants is important. Use ones native to your region, however, if you want to add tropical plants, remember they require a lot of heat and water, so create a greenhouse environment for them.

4) Add labels to plants, or not. Entirely up to you.

5) The look is also dependent on you, if you decide to add vines as the main attraction then you can use the walls, otherwise pots and a few sizeable trees can do the job.

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