Is the Digital Bank Card on Your Phone Safe?

A digital bank card is a virtual version of your ATM card. Instead of carrying a physical card, the virtual one provides you with the same bank details. It’s available on your phone’s digital wallet. Every time you wish to make a payment, it connects to your bank account and enables you to make a fast and contactless transaction. A digital card has the same CVC, expiry date, and card number as a physical card. You can use it as long as the physical one is valid.


How a Digital Bank Card Works

Like the physical ATM card, the digital version connects the payment method to the merchant outlet where you wish to make a payment. The difference with your physical one is that the transaction is completed via the phone app, not via an ATM or a card reader.

Depending on the facility available, your digital card can complete various transactional activities at the click of a button. Here are some possible transactions:

  • Make payments at online and physical outlets.
  • Deposit or withdraw cash at ATMs.
  • Make in-app purchases such as mobile shopping, paying for a ride, or ordering food.

If Your Phone Gets Hacked, Is Your Bank Data Safe?

Your bank data may or may not be safe when your phone is hacked. Most mobile banking apps come with security features that require you to log in and activate a token, such as SMS codes, to gain access. You should not store the login information on your phone to make it hard for hackers to access your account.

However, many of the security features are optional. This means that you may or may not use them. If you don’t use the built-in security features, it is likely that whoever hacks the phone can also access your bank account. Second, if you have stored the banking information on the phone, hackers will likely find it and access the account.

Does It Help to Use Face ID, Or Can It Get Hacked Too?

Face ID is one of the most secure ways to keep your phone secure. You just need to take an image of your face with the feature on your device. It will map the face for reference every time you use the feature.

Unfortunately, Face ID can be hacked too. Anyone that has your phone may use your physical image to gain access. Others may create a 3D mask of your face and use it to unlock the phone. The hackers will have a field day if you only use this feature to access your online banking, which gets easily hacked.

What Safe and Free Antivirus Apps Can Help?

You can enhance your phone’s security by installing a free antivirus program. The antivirus scans your phone regularly for malware, viruses, and trojan horses, among other threats. This prevents hackers from getting access to your device and your banking app. You can use the antivirus along with other security tools at your disposal.

If you wish to enjoy your antivirus’s expanded features, such as real-time scanning and checking the websites you visit, you may need to purchase the premium features. Leading antivirus programs like Avira are lightweight. Therefore, they do not take much of your phone’s resources while offering round-the-clock security.


Digital bank cards offer the convenience of a debit or credit card without requiring you to carry one around. You can use them to make any transaction that a physical card can accomplish. However, you need to keep the card and banking information safe to lower the risk of a hack. A free antivirus can safeguard card information from unauthorized access while keeping the phone safe from software-based threats. Try installing one today.

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