James Hewitt Has Spoken Out in Response To Rumors That He Is Prince Harry’s Father

James Hewitt Has Spoken Out in Response To Rumors That He Is Prince Harry’s Father. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left the royal family as senior members earlier this year and have since relocated to the United States with their one-year-old son, Archie Harrison. After months of living in booming Los Angeles, the Sussexes purchased their first home together in the tranquil seaside community of Montecito, California.

People have been comparing photos of Princess Diana’s ex-boyfriend James Hewitt and Prince Harry for years. Low your brows and give a knowing smile. Many people believe Harry resembles James rather than Prince Charles because they have identical noses and, of course, red hair.

Despite cutting ties with the royal family to protect their anonymity, the pair have made headlines this year – and now an interview with James Hewitt had emerged, detailing when he reached out to put some long-standing rumors about the Duke of Sussex to rest.

When Princess Diana was already married to Prince Charles, the retired cavalry officer had a five-year steamy romance. Diana shocked the world when she admitted to having an affair with the polo-playing ginger bad boy in 1995. Buckingham Palace was outraged after she spoke out during an angry appearance on the BBC’s Panorama show. While Diana and Charles divorced in 1992, it took another four years to get back together.

Princess Diana and James Hewitt had a famous affair in the 1990s, and several people have speculated that James is Prince Harry’s biological father ever since it was made public. About the fact that Harry was born in 1984 and the affair was said to have occurred years later, the gossip has continued to rise as the Prince has gotten older.

But, in an archived interview with Australia’s Channel Seven-episode, Sunday Night, filmed in 2017, James eventually agreed to address the rumors.

‘No, I’m not,’ James said when asked if he was Harry’s dad.

He was pushed even further and wondered why so many people believe that. ‘It sells documents,’ he replied. ‘It’s worse for [Harry], sorry chap.’

The fact that this portrait of Prince Philip in 1957 is a spitting picture of Prince Harry at the same age, the conspiracy theory has been fueled by the fact that both men are redheaded.

‘I think she was very easy to fall in love with, actually, so I think I can be forgiven for that,’ James continued about his friendship with Diana.

Hopefully, his reaction to the rumors would put the rumors to rest for good.

Hewitt has previously attempted to debunk the rumors by claiming that his liaison with Diana began after Harry was born.

Paul Burrell, Diana’s notorious former butler and ex-Celebrity Big Brother housemate, said on the same show that he had even more of Diana’s letters in the stash that has led him to be loved and loathed by Diana followers.

He teased that they’d never been seen in public before, fueling speculation that he’s looking for another major book deal.

Meanwhile, Hewitt, who has since been reclusive, sticks to the truth, describing the couple’s five-year relationship as “exciting and sexy.”

“The condition that Princess Diana and I were in made it fun and romantic because it was risky,” he said in a previous magazine interview about the hot royal affair.

“It was spiced up a little by the risk if you know what I mean.”

Hewitt, who is no stranger to contentious book sales, was chastised in 1999 for selling off Diana’s love letters written between 1989 and 1991 during their affair.

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