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KKDW Studios creates offices for a yoga teacher in Austin


Austin-based KKDW Studios has designed the headquarters for a yoga subscription app called Find What Feels Good, including a space for filming instructional videos.

KKDW Studios founder Kelly DeWitt collaborated with yoga teacher Adriene Mishler – who became well-known through her Yoga With Adriene instructional videos – to create a base for Find What Feels Good, the platform she co-founded that offers video tutorials for at-home workouts.

Modular offices with timber frames and glass walls
KKDW Studios used a modular system to build offices within the space for Find What Feels Good

Located in East Austin, the 5,000-square-foot (465-square-metre) space was previously an empty shell with blue walls and a high-gloss, yellow-tinged concrete floor.

DeWitt’s team described an intention to create “a space to evolve in and experiment with, a place to be inspired and inspired others.”

Open workspace featuring large wood tables
Communal workstations are positioned in front of private offices

“The space should feel welcoming with a warm, homey ambiance that makes you want to take a deep exhale,” the team added.

To add this warmth, the majority of the interventions were made with wood, which forms wall panelling, louvred partitions, frames for glass walls, and furniture. The concrete floors were refinished in matte grey.

Bright kitchen with a moveable island
A bright kitchen includes an island mounted on castors, which can be moved when needed

Designed for a quickly growing team and to be multi-functional, all the elements of the interiors are either bolted together or mounted on wheels, so they can be easily moved if needed.

The linear space is divided up along its fenestrated facade. At one end is a cosy lounge area for receiving visitors or communal work, while a bright, fully equipped kitchen is located at the other.

Beige sofa in front of glass-walled offices
Warm-toned materials were chosen for the space

In between, the modular timber-framed glazed walls form a row of private offices, while an open workspace with large tables is positioned in front.

Facing the windows is an uninterrupted wall that stretches 80 feet (24 metres), which is used by Mishler and her team as a backdrop for filming yoga videos for their app and Youtube channel.

Air ducts and other visual obstacles had to be moved to ensure that the shot is unobstructed, while the vertical slat in the lounge partition pivot to ensure the lighting is just right.

“Natural light can be inspiring, but when filming, sometimes what they need is control – this allows them the best of both worlds,” said KKDW Studios.

Welcome lounge in a corner of the office
Slats in a partition can be adjusted to control light levels when filming in the space

Cushions for sofas and armchairs are wrapped in tufted, textured beige fabric in a variety of tones that are echoed in the rugs.

From the exposed, angled ceiling hang a series of spherical pendant lamps, as well as power outlets on retractable cords for use at the workstations.

Find What Feels Good founder Adriene Mishler holds a yoga pose next to her dog
An uninterrupted wall provides a backdrop for Adriene Mishler’s instructional yoga videos

“All furniture is completely custom, designed after getting to know Adriene and her team, their needs, workflow, etc,” said KKDW Studios, which also acted as general contractor for the project.

Yoga – a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices – continues to grow in popularity around the world, and demand for at-home workouts like those facilitated by Find What Feels Good skyrocketed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here are 10 homes with dedicated spaces for practising yoga and meditation.

The photography is by Andrea Calo.


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